She was weird will be carved into my tomb
May 6

Selling music to people who only want to scratch the surface of a genre!  Us *real* people know that if you’re not willing to buy the 16-disc John Coltrane box set, you shouldn’t be listening to jazz at all.

Apr 22

I think the reason it works in P&P- and doesn’t in real life- is because her rejection of him causes him to re-examine his own behavior, and to reassess his understanding of who she is.  

Mar 6

I put off buying a bike because the choices are so overwhelming and you can really go down the rabbit hole! I ended up just going to a couple of local bike shops, letting them size me and talk about what I wanted, test riding a bunch of bikes, and in the end it was way better then trying to use the internet. And I say Read more

Feb 4

I was out for a pleasant walk without my phone while people were trying to violently overthrow our government last month. We’re not all glued to the news *all* the time, and I hardly that’s the worst thing about the state of the human race in 2021.

Jan 27

There’s also a big difference between restaurants where the owners are being proactive about protecting their workers and the places where they’ll let customers wander around without masks if they want to. We’re plugged into the local restaurant scene, but even if we weren’t it would be fairly easy to get a sense of Read more

Jan 15

Donating your stimulus check did SO MUCH GOOD. I know it feels discouraging that the lines are long, but also remember that the lines are long because there’s food there to distribute. I volunteer with several groups working on food insecurity and the need is so high, but we’ve got more donors than ever before (and Read more

Jan 4

My parents got some kind of weird new can opener and I could not figure it out over Thanksgiving. My parents kept saying “it’s easy, it just clips on” but that was a lie, since they couldn’t figure it out either. We ended up finding a video online. Read more

Dec 29

We joke in my house that volunteering is my second career, but it’s kind of true. My job is rewarding and pays well, but requires <40 hours/week (now that we’re not in the office anymore, it’s WAY less). That’s opened me up for all kinds of volunteering work that I really enjoy- stuff that I think is important, AND I Read more