Shane Morris
9:09 AM

This is exactly what I was going to say. This car has the potential for a lot of fun, easy parts, and it’s easy to work on. Just changing the exhaust can give you another 40 horsepower. Seriously, no joke. Then add the intercooler, and you’ve _got_ something. So 200 hp easy, 250 in range, in something the weight of a 8 Read more

10:07 AM

Holy shit, are you ACTUALLY working today? As in, apparently the only person in the Jalopnik office, since every other post so far seems to be just reposted crap from sometime in the last 6 months? So far we’ve got a story on the Iran missile crisis from January (including the first sentence “yesterday Iran launched a Read more

10:37 AM

I agree that it sounds good on paper, but the end result hurts my brain trying to put it together.

10:28 AM

I’m not sure that there is a good way to get accurate infection and fatality rates. You can only prove that someone has the virus and not something else by using the test, which may or may not be available. I believe I read that China is now allowing numbers to counted based upon doctors reporting infections and Read more

4:49 PM

Cadillac can make a fortune if they restart production of the XLR taillights.

2:48 PM

David, I feel for you. Not because you find yourself in a difficult position with another person’s car, but because I know it must kill you to work on a clean, modern car. Because I can’t just stand here idly knowing what you must be going through, here are some palate cleansers for you:

2:42 PM

I’ve been working on cars for the better part of 30 years, and I will inevitably screw up something simple like this. It really gets me down, and usually makes me second guess my skills as a mechanic. Then I read stories about people much more qualified than myself running into the same kind of problems, and I get a Read more

2:26 PM

David, don’t beat yourself up over it, it happens to every mechanic sooner or later.

If the thread chaser doesn’t fix it, you might be able to drill it out by hand, by just using progressively larger drill bits. Will be slow and tedious but probably faster than pulling the engine (although you might be able to undo Read more

10:53 PM

kind of why i enjoy my wrx in my mid-late 30's... its still in your face enough, but for the most part looks mostly like a sedan yeah not totally utterly bland (rip my 2010, now in a 2018). Read more

6:30 PM

I was really holding out hope that a “Type R Touring” model was coming. There were even photos of them testing a Type R with a smaller wing.

5:11 PM

Right, because a typical pre-purchase inspection includes confirming that features listed on the original window sticker haven’t been remotely removed from the car by the manufacturer, and any used car buyer who fails to have one of these mythical pre-existing feature inspections performed deserves what they get.

4:23 PM

I’m mad about it and it didn’t even happen to me..... This is pretty horse shit... Essentially Tesla messed up and sent out a car with features it shouldn’t have had, then remotely disabled them.... nah that’s crap. They messed up, they need to eat the cost. Read more

1:50 PM

‘what if we gave the spoiler it’s own spoiler”