Shane Morris
Dec 1

I hate how some automakers feel it’s necessary to add a grill though. I couldn’t stand the grill on the first Model S variants (the black one similar the this MachE) and I can’t stand it here. A grill needs to have depth, this just looks wrong, like skin pulled back over teeth, the carbon fiber looks like it is Read more

Dec 1

It’s silent now.  Therefore, it can sneak up easier on crowds and produce maximum carnage.

Dec 1

in what world is $105,000 “kinda sorta” around $60k? That’s not even remotely close to the budget 

Nov 30

I myself am considering giving my aging Q5 TDI the safari treatment but would want to upgrade the open diffs to something that at least is an LSD.

Nov 28

This reply brought to mind this meme that cracks me up. “If your lawyers pants look like this you’re going to jail.”

Nov 28

I only recently heard about Out Motorsports a few weeks ago. Somebody shared a post about them in a Midwest racing group on Facebook and I bought a t-shirt immediately. If my wearing it ever helps anybody feel more welcome, excellent. I didn’t know they had memberships. I’ll be happy to join today. Read more

Nov 26

Shane, did you forget just how shredded I am? Don’t make me show you, again.