Shane Morris
12:48 PM

I love how your anecdote at the end literally involves maple syrup. You people are a joy. Never change. 

9:31 AM

I remember talking with my Canadian friends about the whole “all wheel drive” thing just... last week. Apparently, in Canada, snow tires are mandated in some places, and it’s just generally understood that snow tires work, and all wheel drive is nice to have, but secondary to snow tires. Read more

3:57 PM

It looks great in photos. If I ever find myself in the personal garage of a Saudi prince or an African warlord, I’ll let you know if it looks the same in person.

11:13 AM

This looks like another capable mid size car that will be a few thousand bucks short of the Camcord “standard” for this market. A few buyers will choose to save $75-100 per month, and that is a perfectly reasonable decision. Read more

6:30 PM

They missed a golden opportunity to put a massive grille on the front. Normally, I'd buy it, but... without a grill that extends from the headlights to the ground, and all the way back... I just can't do it.

10:42 AM

Unions are integral to how labor works, and how management interacts with labor. Back in the early 2000s, I was working for an adult novelty and marital tools company called Head & Spin. Read more

6:36 AM

Hmm... might be worth it to make the short drive up to Austin. Let me talk to the wife, and then decide which car to bring.

5:18 PM

I just realized this seeing Strasburg next to it, but the C8 has a REALLY high beltline. I’m wondering how visibility will be, looking out of the sides of the car. Read more

3:23 PM

Say what you want about quality, or whether this car will ever arrive in the US — Fisker makes some good looking cars. Read more

2:13 PM

You want to hear a crazy story? This go kart track in Greenville is directly adjacent to a very well known... how do I put this delicately... it’s a crack motel. It’s the kind of place where you cheat on your wife with some insanely diseased sex workers. Read more

6:34 PM

I’m not sure what’s about to happen, but none of this looks good. It looks so bad, I made my first Kinja post, ever.

Cheers to you and everyone here. Read more

1:19 PM

This is an obligatory post, since I’m an infrequent Jalopnik contributor, and I’m not a full time writer: G/O Media is killing Jalopnik. Read more

12:06 PM

My strategy, at least if I plan on only keeping a car for 6-12 months, is to make damn sure the car is at the bottom of its depreciation curve. My most recent E24 (M30, very nice *Borat voice*) acquisition ended up with me putting 4,000 miles on it, cleaning it up a bit, changing a few needed mechanical bits, and Read more