Shane Morris
Jul 28

Everyone, I want to encourage you to take this moment, and prove to everyone in the automotive community that Jalopnik readers aren’t a bunch of 7th graders. Read more

Jul 27

I used to go to this place in Atlanta, and if you know it, you know it. It’s called Jack’s Pizza and Wings, right there off Highland. It’s a dive bar that serves pizza and wings, and also super cheap beer. Back in 2009, they were still serving $1 pints of “Old 4th Ward” which I’m pretty sure was just Miller. Read more

Jul 21

I love their wheel design. Every wheel they put on a car looks fucking awesome.

Jul 19

I have always wanted to put BBS wheels on a car, but in my experience, they’re just... too expensive. Even now, if I wanted to do an OEM size on my Q7, the CHR-II is $775 per wheel, and that’s before I add the cost of tires. (The Q7 uses run flats, so figure another $350-380 per tire.) Read more

Jul 16

The case for the Misubishi Mirage is like the case for my patented new Fishnet Condoms. They come in a flashy new wrapper, and have a compelling logic behind them; get 90% what you’d get with a normal condom, but for 75% of the price. Read more

Jul 15

Look, I ain’t got beef with the Corolla, but Toyota needs to just let it exist as an affordable economy car. 170 horsepower and some nicer wheels and tires may have made you a hot little ride in 2002, but not today. Read more

Jul 15

They wasted a perfectly good name for an RPG on a car company? That sucks.

Jul 14

Well, at this point I’m trying to decide if I want a convertible or not. That’s my main sticking point. I’m not so tied up in the base, versus the 4S - it’s really more about whether I want it to have a roof.

Jul 14

That’s actually where some people get stuck: Don’t take it to Carmax. Carmax gives you a $50 break for taking it to them, but you can use the Carmax warranty and just take it directly to the Porsche dealer if you have issues. It’s $50 more towards the deductible, but who cares about $50?

Jul 14

I guess I’ll just speak up here, since I’m that guy, and I’ll be buying one this month. (Just kinda depends on options and colors at this point.) Read more

Jul 14

My wife rarely ever asks about new cars. This morning, she saw the Bronco trending on Twitter, and asked how much they cost. Read more

Jul 9

I ain't reading his biography. He's Elizabeth Holmes. Not Henry Ford. 

Jul 9

Here’s an alternative headline: Guy who owns company and much of its stock says misleading thing in order to boost stock price, because his legion of un-skeptical followers won’t question him for an instant. Read more

Jul 9

This is close enough to the right price that it’s worth a look. Getting the clutch replaced at one of those “Germans Only” style shops shouldn’t put you back more than $1,500, at which point, you’re right around fair market value for one of these. Read more