Jan 3 2016

The guy removed the plotline where Joy and Sadness are sucked out of the control frame, leaving Anger, Disgust and Fear to have to take over and Joy and Sadness’ attempts to return to the mainframe. We also don’t see Joy’s realization that you can’t let Joy overrun every other emotion, it needs to be a healthy balance Read more

Jan 3 2016

I actually think this movie helps kids understand how they are feeling. In fact, I think it addresses the important fact that you have to let yourself feel emotions, even if they aren’t desirable. It also gives kids tools to explain the emotions behind their actions. Read more

Jan 3 2016

This is analogous to the reaction some had to The Force Awakens—hype can destroy the quality of your experience. Read more

Jan 3 2016

I had working parents and was an active kid, back in olden times before cell phones existed. And I turned out ok, and so did my friends. The “neccesity’ of cell phones is totally fake, created by Steve Jobs so you would make him a zillionaire. Like, what would happen if we did not have cell phones? We would all be Read more

Dec 26 2015

I have lots of pets. I would say this - if I lost one of my pets (and I have several times) I would grieve but in no way would I clone one of my pets. There are simply too many deserving and homeless pets that need help. Read more

Dec 25 2015

Don’t see what the problem is? Didn’t kids crashed their new ‘xmas’ bicycles in the days of yore? Just that nobody ever took out an ad in the local paper announcing their stupidity...

Dec 22 2015

Not kidding, I walked out of the theater with my sad face on and just felt blue for the next two days. I kind of need to stop thinking about it for awhile. And I'm sort of tired of everyone pointing out that it makes sense from a story stand point. Just let me be sad and angry.

Dec 22 2015

Who was it who said something like getting a happy ending depends on where you end the story?

Nov 29 2015

You call it “involuntary abuse”, like the things nuns sign up for are “voluntary abuse”. You don’t see how a young girl might sign up for something extreme in theory she misjudged in practice? That doesn’t make it not abuse. I’m sure this woman thought she was going into this eyes wide open and I’m sure looking back Read more