May 13

Eh, if they took 5 grand off the price, you know you would take the deal.

May 13

That’s... kinda psycho. I’ve been insanely strict this whole time - my family lives locally, and I didn’t even see them in person for Thanksgiving or Christmas. What was the point of that if I’m not going to enjoy some eased restrictions now that I’m fully vaxxed? I mean, I’ll keep wearing my mask in stores and Read more

May 12

No, I’m well aware that’s how many people actually think. I’m just mocking it as the patently absurd pyschopathy it is. Read more

May 6

Also has anyone ever considered that Kanan might just of had a tan from hanging out on desert planets? Read more

Apr 29

They have the Legacy Edition TPBs too, but they’re still working through the earlier non-canon stuff at the moment. I imagine it’ll hit Season Eight sometime next year. Read more

Apr 16

I mean, the Julia Louis-Dreyfuss scene should probably be taught in acting schools as a key example of what “stealing a scene” looks like. She just strutted in there and took it.

Apr 5

My 8BitDo SN30 Pro controller is usable as a gamepad on my iPhone. You sure it doesn’t work on this? Would be strange for them to remove that. You have to turn it on in the “macOS” mode which on my model is start+A. The iPhone thinks its a DUALSHOCK 4 controller.

Mar 31

Quick QR scans? Instead of hitting the camera app, you have to swipe and search for Code Scanner. Doesn’t seem ‘quick’ to me. You can add the Code Scanner to your Control Center. Much faster to access than always searching for it.

Mar 30

fresh fries can and regularly do taste better than In-N-Out. I don’t think anybody is CrAzY for liking them, it’s a matter of taste, but I can tell you that they fall short of a good fresh cut fry. Read more

Mar 30

Disney must be hurting bad to have needed to film the entire first two episodes of WandaVision in black and white and have the first episode about a boss coming over for dinner.

Mar 30

The first 10 minutes of Captain America: The Winter Soldier feels like episodes of the first season of Agents of Shield. Pretty disappointed they’re keeping everything so grounded and cheap looking instead of just jumping into a cool super spy story. I have no clue why they thought good topics for a kids show would Read more

Mar 26

Expect it to cost at LEAST $129, I’d wager more like $159 or $169. But yes, agreed. 

Mar 19

A very solid premiere episode. Definitely a heck of a palate change from WandaVision but still has me hooked from the start. Love the difference in tone between the Sam and Bucky portions and it will be interesting to see how they merge and mesh when the time comes. 

Also, Yori’s last name is Nakajima not Nakashima. 

Oct 2

Most of what you just said is an absolute load of prescriptivist BS, aside from the “I before E” bit. And while pairing foods from a region with wine from the same makes sense, there are plenty of wines that pair beautifully with cuisines without any grape wine tradition whatsoever.

Oct 2

There are a number of Canadian and Mexican wineries and grape growing regions.