9:50 AM

Which is why he’s called Number One. The Riker we see in the promos must be Thomas Riker then!

6:20 AM

Also, i just want to say, Grant and Caity can totally carry the Arrowverse after their heart to hearts over Oliver as Barry and Sarah - I don’t remember them ever getting moments together, yet somehow they were so good acting off one another. We don’t quite need to rely on the Supergirl and Batwoman relationship yet, Read more

6:14 AM

I wonder if that means they’ll cut back most of the seasons to halves so they can air them all reasonably throughout the year, I mean where is all of this going to fit in the line up? If they go that route, it would make for tighter story telling and less filler or red herrings or BARRY MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE IN NOT Read more

5:59 AM

The real gem tonight was Kara’s giddy look on her face when Barry asked everyone if they were ready for this as he is about to unveil the Hall of Justice table.

8:00 PM

Real plot point, except at or near the mid season finale, Gina Torres comes in as a counselor for all the kids and she points out that it’s more likely someone messing with Cheryl... the question is who? Why? I should also point out that Cheryl had been keeping her dead brother’s corpse (the one that died the first Read more

2:45 PM

I wouldn’t call it straight nonsense, here are the facts: Obi-wan says Anakin was a Jedi Knight (ANH), Vader calls himself a Master now when they duel, but Obi-wan says only a Master of Evil (ANH), Obi-wan and Luke both refer to Yoda as a Jedi Master (ESB), and finally Luke says he is a Jedi Knight like his father Read more

11:03 PM

True, and if you watch The Clone Wars, that is eventually taken care of, and if you make it through the second season of Rebels, you’re doubly rewarded. The Master plot point was definitely terribly written, and stems back to RotJ where Luke says he’s a Jedi Knight, like his father before him, so Anakin couldn’t Read more

2:10 PM

I don’t think you NEED to see Clone Wars/Rebels to understand the Darksaber, they’ll most likely give exposition about it when it shows up in season 2, just like how they talked about space wizards and Mandalore the Great in this episode. But if you enjoy the deeper lore of Star Wars, the Clone Wars AND Rebels get Read more

10:26 PM

I mean, I’m left wondering what the calendar system was in the Republic/Empire before the Battle of Yavin... they couldn’t use BBY bc they didn’t know it happened and yet all the media I could think of uses the Battle of Yavin as a reference marker.

1:48 AM

Oops, so upset I poured one out for the wrong squadron leader, pouring two out for Black One.

1:29 AM

THEY KILLED OFF SNAP?!?! I don’t know why but that hit hardest for me. Especially because his step dad (Wedge) shows up moments after his son EXPLODES on the surface of a Star Destroyer! Like with all the fake outs, you think they could just show him in the background with like a sling or something. Pouring one out Read more