May 1 2019

These games changing storefronts once they’ve been out for a while is pretty bad. The game already sold millions, why bother and just irk steam users, if anything just make the game 5$ cheaper on the epic store. Read more

Apr 30 2019

One of the more disappointing, though not wholly unsurprisingly, things about Avengers: Endgame is how little screen time Danai Gurira’s Okoye gets—especially considering the story is ostensibly about the new generation of Marvel heroes stepping up to the plate after the events of Infinity War. Read more

Apr 28 2019

I can’t think of when I’ve seen a movie debut with more showtimes available than Endgame. It’s running every 15-30 minutes all day for over 12 hours.

Apr 22 2019

Injustice and the current MK series are if nothing else great for their stories. Thank you, NeatherRealm. 

Apr 17 2019

I’m happy to hear this. Massive has been killing it with their community engagement and lightning-fast bug fixes and updates.

Apr 16 2019

Our justice system and law enforcement are shitty here but imagine being prosecuted off of an impromptu drug test carried out by cops.

Apr 9 2019

So the most exciting show on television has a soundtrack by the most boring artists in each genre?  Cool?

Apr 8 2019

As it happens, both the writer and the director of this episode were black; but IMO assigning moral rights to artistic expression on the basis of ethnicity would constitute a bizarre reinvention of apartheid. Read more

Apr 5 2019

So, Shooting Gallery: Treadmill Edition?

Because I’d definitely load that onto my treadmill at home.  Talk about incentive.

Apr 3 2019

Yes it’s A way of creating competition however from a consumer standpoint it’s a bad way, it’s anti-consumer. In no way is the Epic launcher better than Steam or even Uplay/Origin/GoG for that matter, they are lacking many features and there have been some other concerns. This means consumers have no choice but to Read more

Apr 3 2019

Most people don’t remember, but before Steam, publishers that had to put up with physical sales were getting only about 30% for themselves on each game sold. 70% were the manufacturing, transport and storage costs plus a cut for the physical stores that were selling the games. Steam turned those rates around giving Read more

Apr 1 2019

The same thing happened to me this past weekend but my game is XCOM2: War of the Chosen. It’s 11pm i should go to bed but lets do one more mission and, well, this research is about to be done so let me pass some days here and then I’ll go to... OH! a mission to push back the Avatar Project! Gotta do that...
Read more

Mar 30 2019

“Or something" is the perfect summary of Sam Worthington's career. 

Mar 26 2019

So, the marvel of humans WALKING AROUND IN SPACE. Is made less because all of them are or are not the same gender?