Mar 21 2019

If you actually think the 30% cut killed single player games, you're just being absurd.

Mar 20 2019

30% is similar to what both Sony and Microsoft take from sales as well, not to mention considerably better than what you’d get at retail. Not to mention you can generate Steam keys and sell them elsewhere for different rates, or even on your own for the full cut. Read more

Jun 25 2018

Yeah, well, I’m going to go start my own con. With blackjack, and hookers!

Jun 11 2018

I think Sony passed on having EA access back around the time it came to Xbox, so I doubt anything like this will be coming to PS4.

Jun 5 2018

Social media is one of those ideas that sounds fine on paper, and then you realize most people are assholes.

Jun 1 2018

I’m pretty sure they killed it off before it could ever make it to consoles.

May 28 2018

I’m pretty sure he snatched it off of a dead security team member.

May 28 2018

I don’t think that was part of her back story, so much as a previous version of her that she began remembering. Also, didn’t we see (old) William there in one of her flashbacks? That would imply guests could get there.

May 28 2018

The Bernard/Dolores scene at the start of the episode is definitely in the cradle, since it shares the same letterboxed aspect.

May 25 2018

I think there’s a shot of Chopper in Rogue One as well.

May 15 2018

Yeah. A set strike was supposed to start yesterday apparently, but was delayed until tomorrow with rumors of Amazon taking interest. Read more