Dec 6 2019

Welcome to late-stage capitalism! Where the market eats itself, shits itself out, and then eats its own self-shit again! Read more

Dec 5 2019

And what I find even more annoying is the idea that this is anything cool and novel - that these idiots are innovators disrupting traditional business models, when working your employees to death while paying them as little as possible is more or less how things worked in the 19th century. Read more

Dec 5 2019

The new American dream is to start a business and tell your workers, with a straight face, “Work hard and make me rich...that’s it, that’s all there is, now get to work.”

Dec 5 2019

The point people seem to miss is that in the “classic model” of early stage startups (such as there is one), the people working 80-hour weeks have equity stakes in the business as part of their employment package. When that’s the case, you’re a part owner, so it’s not unreasonable to expect that you’ll do what is Read more

Oct 8 2019

Edit: *renting can totally suck. Not resting. Resting never sucks. Damn autocorrect.

Jun 11 2019

And if it’s done in a way that’s incredibly sensitive and about the story, what are they worried about? I don’t understand that. Read more

Apr 21 2019

God, Daniel Portman singing “Jenny’s Song” fucking WRECKED me. His voice is just beautiful, and that was such a nice shoutout to book readers that didn’t feel pandering. Tears just started immediately. Read more

Apr 21 2019

So Grey Worm’s pretty much fucked right. He’s like every trope walking now with that long “what do you want to do when we survive this godforsaken war” right before they go over the top speech... Read more

Apr 21 2019

Think Jon probably should have sat on that information until after the battle.

Apr 16 2019

Stop & Shop president Mark McGowan said last weekend any further wage increases were “unsustainable” and could lead to higher grocery prices. Read more

Apr 16 2019

I feel really badly for their employees, but Stop and Shop is awful. I’ll only shop there if there isn’t another grocery store within 20 minutes. 

Apr 16 2019

With the exception of the people who work at the corporate office, I’m pretty sure most people who have ever been inside a Stop & Shop would be perfectly happy to fire that entire company into the sun.

Apr 15 2019

I wish they had shown him with an increasing amount of snow accumulating on his person because he hadn’t moved all episode. Sometime next episode the camera should pan to a vaguely person-in-a-wheelchair shaped pile of snow in the middle of the courtyard.

Apr 15 2019

I just don’t understand why they’re cramming these last two seasons into so few episodes, just so they can rush everything like this.

Apr 15 2019

I’m pretty sure Bran didn’t move for the entire episode. He had 4 things to do and all of them involved him sitting in the same spot for a day and a half or so.