Seoul Sister
Oct 21

You did the Lord’s work with this one, Ash. After the last piece on her, I set off to see what I could find, and came across some of the same things you did. I hadn’t realized how much I cared to find out more until you’d reminded me how much I loved that song. I’ll be honest, I’m surprised to see a follow up. This is Read more

Oct 12

They’ve cried wolf too many times for me to care about their relationship, but that pic of Cardi in the pink dress always gives my boobs sympathy pains.

Oct 9

It’s almost like Ready Player One is a bad book and Cline is a bad writer. Why would we expect anything at all creative in a follow-up? Get psyched for a flimsy plot with some overused tropes covered in lazy buzzfeed lists of 80s/90s things. Read more

Sep 22

The character designs in general for Supergiant are top notch. Not just the looks, but also the voice acting and writing is on another level in general. Read more

Sep 15

What’s going to happen is that esports leagues are gonna negotiate with Twitch, and it’s going to fuck over grassroots events.

Sep 15

I already rarely watch twitch (just so much down time) so this will just further push me away. I basically only watched the Dota international on it. I vastly prefer youtube videos (I understand why creators moved away - it was hard to make it on youtube and editing videos takes a lot more time than just streaming), Read more

Sep 12

Between the recent uptick in garbage news, the new tabloid layout, and annoying newsletter popup this site is officially compromised.

Sep 11

I don’t tend to re-buy games on Switch that I already own on PC, but with cross-save I might bite with this. This is also the type of game that translates incredibly well to the Switch.

Aug 18

This will probably be my accidental beat for the weekend and i’m not mad about it at ALL. PSST there’s a guy playing bloodstained: ritual of the night with a hitbox right now.

Aug 17

Wow, thank you so much. I really appreciate your kind words here. They do indeed mean a lot on days like today.

Jul 16

I get the feeling you’re either a recruiter, or have never served, so let me give you a little personal perspective. Read more

Jul 13

I felt like the Bad Batch were a boring set of cliche characters and couldn’t wait for that arc to be over.  Not feeling a lot of motivation to see more of them.

Jul 13

I personally thought the Bad Batch arc was pretty weak, it felt like an ad for action figures more than anything. That it was a back-door pilot makes perfect sense. Read more

Jul 12

Does Ubisoft get money directly from the CIA? Cops in Havana were very friendly and helpful vs whenever I’ve been in a jam and need assistance in the US where I’m met with hostility. Oh well I’m sure this will have no effect on anybody’s perception of real Cubans nope not at all.

Jul 1

Once again, some dingbat has confused South Park for meaningful political commentary, because “Caring about things is stupid.”

Jun 29

In case anyone here was still under the impression that JK Rowling isn’t a transphobe, she recently unfollowed Stephen King and deleted her tweets supporting him after he came out saying trans women are women.