Sentient Beard
5/28/21 8:46AM

I sincerely believe that Hulk smashing the ever-loving shit out of Loki is my children’s’ generation’s “Indiana Jones brings a gun to a sword fight” moment. Just an absolute adrenaline/dopamine rush that comes from the good guy emphatically winning after getting kicked around for the whole movie.

4/19/21 12:19PM

“I could’ve sworn we parked in section C right next to the- ohhh shit.”

4/19/21 6:26AM

I have not seen the movie in years but the whole “Why, this isn’t paper, it’s some kind of metal.”  “No sir, that’s paper.”  Sticks with me and still makes me laugh.

4/19/21 4:04AM

“When in California be sure to visit beautiful- oh.”

3/26/21 3:51PM

Don’t age brandy, just drink it right away. It only turns to alcohol if you let it sit.

2/22/21 11:36AM

Meanwhile, Kraft Punk will not break up because he cannot die. 

2/18/21 4:44AM

And now it’s time for The Lando Show!
*sing* “Da-da-da-dat-dat-dat . . . It’s The Lando Show and that’s me, I’m Lando! It’s The Lando Show and I’ve got lots of good guests...da-da-da-da-da-da-da...”

2/15/21 6:56AM

I think that’s bit rough. It’s an opinion piece by someone who’s life was directly and negatively affected by this film.

1/28/21 12:35PM

The plan was to use PS2 era graphics to make Luke but then they found out they could use PS3 level rendering and it changed their whole plan!

1/25/21 12:12AM

Schwartz’ “I can’t wait to see where this goes” killed me more than the impression itself.