Sentient Beard
Thursday 8:34AM

That’s a really good point. I’m blown away by how some actors can completely change the way their voice sounds. There’s a cool series of YouTube videos where a dialect coach talks about different vocal performances and points out where actors got it right and where they didn’t, and how incredibly difficult it can be

Wednesday 1:17PM

Method acting doesn’t mean you stay in character 24/7, in fact most “Method actors” don’t do that at all. It’s a range of techniques actors can use to elicit subtle, realistic performances. You just never hear about an actor using those techniques to play a nice character because that doesn’t make for an interesting Read more

Wednesday 1:06PM

Bam needs to address this, ideally in the form of another guest appearance on Cum Town.

5/27/21 3:58PM

All I have to contribute is DDK would be a great choice to play Het Masteen if they ever get around to making an adaptation of Dan Simmons’ Hyperion.

5/26/21 1:31PM

Damn, for a second I thought the supporting cast included John McCrea, the lead singer of Cake.

5/14/21 12:27PM

I’ve rewatched a couple of older Geena Davis movies recently, and I think she’d crush it. She’s effortlessly funny and fun to watch, she’d more than hold her own against a stacked cast, and she’d contribute some strong “hey, I remember them!” energy that Don Johnson brought in the original.

5/05/21 1:28PM

That’s not weird. When RE7 came out I just watched a full playthrough on YouTube because I’m too cheap to buy many games and only have a Switch. It was a pretty fun way to experience the game!

4/29/21 8:27AM

It’s truly wild to watch that whole sequence and notice that every line of dialogue about the Death Star threatening to attack the rebel base is ADR.

4/29/21 8:23AM

That bugged me so much about the sequels. They barely even tried to justify the First Order / Resistance dynamic, which makes no sense on the face of it. They could have just shown Leia dealing with Republic leaders on Coruscant or Hosnian to quickly establish that life in the core systems is stable and happy, but Read more

4/20/21 8:51AM

One of my favorite things about MST3K is how the jokes hit everyone a little differently. “Hey, his legs are sticking out!” is funny, but when I watched it with my best friend in middle school, that line had him rolling on the floor, which makes me appreciate it even more.

2/02/21 9:18AM

I’m a big fan of Haley Joel Osment’s arc where he makes a huge splash as a frighteningly great child actor, leaves the spotlight for a few years, and comes back as a laid-back character actor in weird, smaller projects.

1/12/21 8:30AM

Switch version. Later in the video there’s a segment where he explains how to stitch multiple video recordings together directly from the Switch.

12/31/20 8:34PM

The AV Club’s silence on the continued success of Cum Town is deafening.

12/18/20 9:34AM

And it’s crazy how different her voice sounds between in- and out-of-character. 

12/14/20 11:56AM

I’m almost done with the Three Body Problem trilogy, which I started earlier this year. The first book was interesting but dragged at times, and I feel like I would have gotten a lot more out of it if I were more familiar with Chinese history and culture. The second and third books are much more universally Read more