Oct 31 2019

Not wholly accurate — the head of the shipping company was pressuring the captain to beat the Atlantic crossing time achieved by one of their other ships, but an actual speed record wasn’t even possible. (RMS Titanic was simply too big for that.) Read more

Oct 31 2019

Wouldn’t it be hilarious if someone was SO UTTERLY INCOMPETENT at blog-owning that they managed to piss off the entire editorial staff of their flagship sports-related blog on the same day the World Fucking Series was wrapping up?? HAHAHAAA then they’d have no one left to report on a major sporting story like that!!! Read more

Oct 30 2019

Sticking it to powerful people who are fucking up a good thing with disingenuous pleas to “avoid controversy” and “stick to sports” is a good thing.

Oct 30 2019

Never let it be forgotten: the idiots running GO Media are not “sensible business people butting up against a wild west culture.” They are people who do not understand business, do not understand advertising, and ended up out of the game and on the sidelines available to be hired by the the private equity overlords Read more

Oct 30 2019

Spending good money on an excellent knife, then immediately destroying it by throwing it in the dishwasher to save 30 seconds of hand washing is a real Jim Spanfeller thing to do.

Oct 30 2019

Drew, is it true that neither Jim Spanfeller nor Paul Maidment ever had friends, a girlfriend, made any sports team, or has seen The Godfather? Is it also true that Jim smells like sweaty hobo taint and Paul smells like a urinal puck? Read more

Oct 8 2019

I think Bosa’s attitude had less to do with old college grudges than with the well known fact he just hates the browns. 

Aug 30 2019

Yet another Deadspin staffer bitter at the success of the mighty Oakland Athletics

Mar 23 2018

I once made a double play in little league baseball while daydreaming because the ball got hit into my out stretched glove while standing on 2nd base