Sean Legg
Mar 8 2018

Spent about 15 minutes reading the article detailing the joy of discovering new friendships and the splendor of the Peruvian landscape as explored from the highly capable Land Rover Discovery.

Spent about 15 seconds in the comments to see “4Runner is better”

Never change.

Jan 14 2016

As an owner of a full fat AMG product (and a marketing and branding professional in the automotive sector) I think this is an absolute shame and something that can potentially destroy AMG brand equity in the long run. . All manufacturers are diluting their brand equity to some extent to chase profits these days. Read more

Feb 6 2015

You've mentioned before that Americans don't want to drive slow cars the "only" do 0-60 in 10 seconds, but let's face it who really takes their car to the max on an on ramp anyway. Read more

Feb 5 2015

Inverse Taverish logic... for the price of a used Raptor....

Jan 22 2015

It took Cadillac HOW LONG to figure that out?

Put Cadillac in a small shop, a la Maserati/ Aston/ etc, and took the sales lot in the back or down the road. Also, they need to put their dealerships in more "marketable" area. Here in the D/M/V, Mercedes, Audi, and BMW dealerships are small and sitting on major Read more

Jan 20 2015

I think anyone with a passing familiarity with motorsports (like myself) knows that F1 is some silly fuel and tire resource management game with neutered cars that still have dicks for noses and WRC is for insane Scandinavians to flog turbocharged compacts through forests with no regard for their own safety or Read more

Jan 20 2015

But will it be obscenely sensitive to tire pressure, like its older brother?

Jan 19 2015

The Audi R8. The low-end, conservative gentleman's supercar. The BMW 3-series of supercars. When you see an R8 you don't lose your mind. You go "oh, cool, an R8." Full-stop, not exclamation. The same will be true of the NSX. Read more

Jan 9 2015

Well, I didn't go to college. I went to the Greater West Virginia School of Hairstyling and Mortuary Services. It was an evening course.