Santiago of Escuderia Boricua
Jan 8

Erik is referring to the image. Tundras are not as hypermasculine as other full-sized trucks. Peesonally I think they are far and away the best-looking of the lot, largely for that reason—they look rugged, but they don’t look like they want to attack the Capitol building. However, you’re completely right that in every Read more

Dec 14

You think that a 4500lb Camry with 30 more horsepower will be faster than a 2800lb YarisGR?

Dec 7

If you’re over it from just reading about it, imagine how the women and POC that actually get overlooked feel about it. Representation matters. A child can still be expelled from a public school system by a committee of adults in multiple for having dreadlocks because “that kind of hair” doesn’t look professional. Read more

Dec 7

the problem is that what you callthe best” tend to only be people who went to the most expensive university, not who is actually the most talented. (since resumes don’t really show how good an applicant is, rather what their pedigree is.) diversity would be less of an issue if employers actually interviewed Read more

Dec 2

I have a WRC+ subscription but that’s really not necessary. Do you have a roku or whatever? = Red Bull TV, they have daily highlights as well as an event overview. For free, Red Bull is hard to beat. There’s always as well.
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Nov 23

Some did and they detailed all the reasonable steps they took to minimize exposure to themselves and family. Read more

Nov 23

Sure, some of them do.

Most of them don’t. If she’s not talking about you, then don’t get mad about it.

Nov 18

Or they are admirably sticking to their guns and refusing to accept the very real tradeoffs of forced induction engines in light, sporty cars.

Nov 12

My UPS route was 60 - 70 miles a day and 40 miles was getting to and from the route.

Oct 28

So it has standards and not just “fuck it... autopilot” ?

Sep 30

Pedestrian fatalities have increased a staggering 53 percent in the last decade, so are people 53% drunker? No?

Sep 30

People live in cities. They might actually want to walk or bike around the cities in which they live, work, and pay taxes. We don’t allow people to land planes or helicopters in crowded city centers - we have specific places for that. But somehow, all cities and suburbs are designed in such a way that the default use Read more

Sep 29

Maybe it’s time to reevaluate whether or not you want him as a fiance? It’s drastic, I know, but it sounds like he’s fallen down the QAnon hole (with the Biden is a pedophile thing) and I’m not sure that’s the kind of person you would want in your life. This isn’t something that I’m saying to you lightly, but I follow Read more

Sep 17

Always amuses me how right wingers say how they can’t stand ANTIFA. My response? My Grandfathers who went off to fight in WW2 were also Anti-fascist. So automatically it means they are pro-fascit