Santiago of Escuderia Boricua
Nov 30

One point, you always seemed to start your drift aiming towards the part of the track with the least runoff. That’s a pretty poor circuit design, most test tracks have a lot more runoff especially for low friction surfaces

Nov 24

Takata signed an agreement with NHTSA way back that eventually they would remove all ammonium nitrate from the road. It was always going to be in waves

Nov 17

the “proper” fix would be to either move your d-ring down or your butt up. Not sure if the e36 had adjustable d rings but a lot of cars do

Oct 29

Depends very much on the engine too. I wonder if, in changing the air flow on the turbo ones to optimize high end power, they lost some midrange torque or something. Engineers are pretty good at their jobs, turns out, and don’t leave a ton of power sitting on the table. It’s not the 70s anymore!

Oct 29

It’s certified by them in that they are using calibrated equipment. Their calibration certification means that the data is certified by them, even if none of their employees were present. The wording could have been better but that’s how instrumentation works