Oct 12 2016

Thank you, I’ve never worked with a manager who couldn’t see through these descriptions of “manipulative” coworker. Read more

Oct 4 2016

I feel like your career trajectory has you slowly trending toward full Easterbrook.

Sep 16 2016

The problem is she doesn’t see who the real villain is here. It’s not Apple or her co-workers, it’s the person who attacked her. Read more

Sep 13 2016

as someone with no knowledge of the future, you could theoretically increase the payload speed so that attackers made more progress once they had captured the payload.

Sep 4 2016

Oh boy, son. You’ve got a long way to go yet if this is your question.

Sep 3 2016

Let’s just ignore the context of the article so we can get another opportunity to show everyone how counterculture and edgy we are.

Sep 2 2016

This rule is not that esoteric because of how often it comes into play with bunts.

Aug 30 2016

Yeah, but, counterpoint: You can just leave the queue after a game, go take your whiz and text, and then rejoin the queue when you want and be back in a game in 30 seconds.

Aug 29 2016

Meyer will be tasked with once again creating a top-5 team and reclaiming the Big Ten crown, an honor that’s belonged to the Buckeyes just once since 2009. Read more

Aug 28 2016

He did run for mayor. There’s a great documentary about it, check it out.