Oct 12 2016

Yeah, I always figured if you just ignore it and keep working hard, the boss would see through it. Thankfully, it worked out that way nearly every time.

Oct 11 2016

Shit like this is not funny. Family Guy made a similar joke and it turned me against Seth MacFarland *forever.* Men like Donald Trump are not actually anomalies. He just happens to have a lot of cameras pointed in his direction and no filter.

Oct 11 2016

I get it: the worst thing you can have is a vagina! Killer stuff.

Oct 7 2016

“by claiming the company routinely published “thinly sourced, nasty articles that attacked and mocked people.”” Read more

Oct 4 2016

There’s a lot written here and not much being said other than a weirdly hostile “stick to weighty sports issues but sports nonetheless” message.

Sep 26 2016

GW Bush did do some commendable things as President, including, for example, pressing to funds to help fight AIDS in Africa. And one of those commendable things he did was to sign legislation instructing the Smithsonian to start planning for this museum, and saying he believed it should be built on the national Mall. Read more

Sep 22 2016

It doesn’t have to be a part of it, but it *is* part of it. When male (and even female) players shit-talk one another, the language is remarkably gendered: competitors are called pussies, winning is often referred to as raping another player, and any number of comments are made about the sexual behavior of Read more

Sep 15 2016

The fact that a rape joke is pop culture is exactly what feminists refer to as ‘rape culture’.

Sep 13 2016

Again, if you take Univision’s statements at face value, this was not an editorial decision, which will be underscored by the fact that this post won’t be deleted, as it cannot be construed as a liability carrying over to the new ownership group! But I know law is hard.

Sep 12 2016

Yeah, why would someone want to defend some other company’s lawsuits? It doesn’t make sense. My understanding of their take is, “you are welcome to make new messes, but we aren’t cleaning up your old ones.” I realize i just said what you said. Read more

Sep 12 2016

So the six post basically boil down to “Univision’s condition for making this deal was that they don’t inherit someone else’s mess. But if we make our own mess going forward, we’ll fight it out.” Read more

Sep 12 2016

Maybe I’m really baked right now (I am), but it seems like JK doesn’t understand that Univision bought them with the express position that they are dumping the liabilities (which is a fucking sweet deal). It isn’t a question of integrity or lack of integrity, it’s a question of whether keeping those posts up will Read more

Sep 12 2016

This is more proof that J.K. Trotter is a Nick Denton boot licker with ZERO journalistic integrity and the staff of Formerly Gawker Media is made up of privileged children who have never been made to face real world consequences. You never grew up after college where they made you believe that as long as you were Read more

Sep 12 2016

Super easy deal: write better, increase clicks, don't be a bitch. You're in the spot because you can't get clicks and your revenue is dying.