People who walk around full of hate tend to leak it everywhere they go. Narcissistic people full of hate genuinely believe that this IS abut them, because everything is. If they don’t take a stand, next thing you know, black people will be building patios where white people can see them, having nice times with family Read more


Because in their mind, this is all a distraction from the glory of Trump and an attempt to paint their country in a bad light... the mere fact that minorities EXIST challenges their position in the world, minorities getting attention is the red flag and call to action.


Thinking about one’s own privilege versus the state of the world POC live in causes discomfort. And the very same people who will gladly yell “Special Snowflake!” at anybody voicing their actual pain, cannot possibly withstand a little bit of discomfort that maybe, just maybe, with some soul-searching, could lead to Read more

Jul 7

I think giving him any credit is a coping mechanism, it’s a way of telling yourself there’s actually some sort of plan here and the nation isn’t being hoodwinked by an idiot. Because I actually don’t see anything resembling a plan, timing, or actual purpose behind his shit. It’s like explosive, Read more

Jul 7

Juvenile jokes aside, I love these shorts. I understand the financial transaction of shorting, but have always hated actively rooting for a company to lose for one’s own financial gain. That TSLA is now above $1400 is just sweet sweet schadenfreude.

Jul 6

Yeah, man, been saying it forever now: both this Musky Pedo-dink and Trump are 12 year olds in the out of shape bodies of doughy, privileged white guys (much like huge swaths of Americans). One is a bit brilliant at techy stuff, promotion and scamming. The other is an idiot, except when it comes to self-promotion and Read more

Jul 6

Why, exactly?  Because it makes you slightly uncomfortable?  Toughen up, snowflake.

Jul 6

Look, we don’t go to Fox Sports and complain about conservatives talking about football.  If you don’t like the lefty car blog writing about racism in Nascar, then fuck off, because you’re on the wrong site.

Jul 6

Here’s a free pro tip: everything is political. So are your calls for no discussion of politics.

Jul 6

Be honest, you’re not mad that there’s “politics” on Jalopnik, you’re mad because there’s politics you don’t agree with on Jalopnik. Read more

Jul 6

After observing Mr. Donald Trump as a public figure for the past 40+ years, I’m starting to suspect he is a jackass.