“I was also, at that time, a jerk. Specifically to Tom Cruise. For which I believe I deserve some credit.” Read more

the police arrested him on multiple charges, including...reckless opinion of a motor vehicle... Read more

It hasn't been the same for me since the jump to the PS3, but PS2-era Winning Eleven was amazing

Yo mama so dense her elastic crust fails to stress evenly at sub-ppm perturbations.

“scale the ocean” seriously, you guys would do better finding a scrabble board, eating the letters, and just regurgitating them onto paper and printing whatever comes out. It’s getting worse and worse. - AA, Herts, 12/9/2013 9:25

Damn, it’s been pointed out I missed 3 0's in my napkin math. Huge mistake, I apologize. Read more

From where are you getting these unreasonably low numbers? Because I’ve read around 3-5 billion revenue a year, which would mean 10 million a day.

I made a comment on a salty article about people that use hon and why I believe it’s condescending... everyone told me I was wrong yet here’s a prime example of what I was talking about.

Sorry but Jez is a few tabs to the left

Yeah it’s funny when people base their judgment of whether or not you’re an asshole on who you like to screw. 

Assholishness is not confined to one gender, sexual preference or skin color.

Depends where you work. Most customers are reasonably cool, and most of the rare assholes aren’t White where I work. I’m sure it’s different in upper middle class areas. Thirty years, btw.

It’s a Japanese word play. ‘Dig’ in Japanese itself is ‘horu’, so without being immediately familiar with the name in this game I’m guessing that it was possibly written 掘るホール, horu horu. Which weirdly enough is also a specific term for those post tools that you use to shove into the ground to pull dirt out of. I’m Read more

I get that this is a humor piece, which is a pretty funny read, and reminds me of goofy pieces from old pop culture magazines. Read more

Thank you. I stopped reading the article when I saw that.