Dec 3

It's not your money and she can do whatever she would like with it. Mind your own business and don't be an asshole. Oh noes she wants to spend it on her kids? 

Dec 3

Off-putting comparisons to the n-word are uncouth; based on your username I would assume you’re old enough and young enough to know better than that. Read more

Dec 3

Every day is a good day for a general strike in the service sector.

Dec 3

My favorite quote from Dolly: I don’t mind dumb blonde jokes, because I know I’m not dumb, and I also know I’m not blonde. 

Dec 3

If they’re all grated and spread evenly then I’m willing to bet there’s some of each on each slice

Dec 2

I basically assumed it was what you mentioned in the article. Just playing games early on that were inverted, and likely the earliest games I was playing that were “3d” would be flight games like starfox or flight sim games. Read more

Dec 1

I’m a high school teacher and teens actually do watch and love this show

Nov 26

He’s also pretty damn wrong ^^
probably not on everything, I’m not into traditional pairings, but when you suggest Crement or prosecco instead of champagne for any kind of reason, you’re automatically and entirely wrong ^^

And I’ve been doing champagne and oysters since I was like, 13, it’s pretty damn great, whatever Read more

Nov 24

If we’re going to pretend that it’s just business, and he willingly signed a legal contract, etc. then it should be equally fair, from a business perspective, to point out that Chappelle would be a fool not to use the impressive levers he has at his disposal to facilitate a better deal for himself, however Read more

Nov 24

I don’t care how broke I am after this pandemic is quelled. I am going to stuff myself on oysters and champagne.

Nov 21

“America loved Reagan” according to whom, exactly?

Lord knows I didn’t. I know my parents, conservatives mind you, did not. Not everyone loved Reagan and not everyone that loved him then will love him now.

It should be very clear that a growing number of people today do not like him (anymore?). As we learn more about Read more