Bronze Sebs Fever
Sep 27 2018

What is wrong with you, you just spoiled that and you’re the top comment.  i like reading the reviews after each episode, asshole.

Sep 12 2018

Do they say that?  I’ve only watched a few of their videos but I’m disappointed in them all the same.  Geez.

Sep 8 2018

It was posted on youtube, I’m sure it’s gone now, but I briefly toyed with your reasoning but then decided I didn’t have two hours to give to it. It was my only chance though; I like Chloe Grace Moretz but was never a fan of Louis CK as I never sought out his work, so I don’t have regrets but I’m still kind of curious.

Sep 5 2018

Do you remember a few years ago everyone on the internet was saying “I lost the game. sadface?” In order to lose it in real time all you had to do was look to see someone doing that sign.  Read more

Aug 22 2018

Kick-Ass 2 focused a decent portion of its satire on how women are treated in comics while also focusing a Peter Parker In High School story on Hit-Girl, so naturally Kevin Smith wouldn’t know what to do with that. I mean, duh. Read more

Jul 24 2018

I read the initial story on Kotaku and apparently they didn’t cover it pretty well because they differ significantly from what commenter natureslayer says happened. Read more

Jul 23 2018

It wasn’t just pedo jokes, there were anti-AIDs victim jokes, jokes about tr*nnys, all kinds of offensive jokes.  When he says he’s grown a lot he’s not kidding.

Jul 5 2018

She should’ve kept her mouth shut for sure, but why no hate for the director? He proved with GiTs that he can’t handle a deep story or characterization and he had to generic up a movie about IDENTITY, ffs. Read more

Jul 5 2018

The adventures of drunken middle-aged college professors in the midst of existential crises was its own genre in the 80s.  Wonder Boys was better but only by a smidgeon.

Jun 21 2018

Mathew Vaugn announced a reboot, I guess he backtracked and meant prequel and sequel. (A prequel would be impossible, that’s just silly.) Read more

May 7 2018

Yesss, Theresa! Same mannerisms for a few minutes too: she kind of blunt forced her words in the same way Theresa did when she smoked, like she much preferred her cigarette to whoever was talking to her. (Which was an interesting red herring when it came to Bernard.) Read more

May 2 2018

Agreed. Also very network-flavored as opposed to prestige shows. I’m surprised at the “smart scifi” compliment; seemed to me every change or consequence in season 1 was dictated by budget. Plus things happened because they needed to, like getting handed a bar or taking over a bar or whatever. (Who has time to raise Read more

Apr 28 2018

A while ago I discovered that Agent Thomas’ actor is married to Dichen Lachman - I’ve been expecting Jaiying to show up ever since. Especially since they’re doing callbacks to previous story arcs. My money is on “She’s alive.”

Feb 6 2018

The piece heavily infers that Uma was raped by Weinstein and blocked it out. Dowd gave the bare facts, Uma couldn’t remember them and isn’t quoted except for talking about her friend she brought along. Read more