Bronze Sebs Fever
12:36 PM

Comments critiquing this blog for being moderately lefty and not straight journalism are one of the more exhausting parts of kinja-era AV Club.

2:27 PM

It’s been a couple years since I’ve seen it, but I enjoyed it at the time. I also like Megan Fox when she’s not being leered at in Transformers (her New Girl part worked well for me), and Diablo Cody’s writing style is just a style, like screwball comedy dialogue was a style or noir is a style. Juno’s tweeness and “no Read more

9:51 AM

Nah, I disagree with that read. I mean, I’ll never defend Snyder as a person, but I love Man of Steel, and have never agreed with the objectivist readings. MoS is an immigrant story, primarily. Clark is torn between two worlds, unsure of who he really is. His parents know that the world will reject him for his Read more

1:33 PM

Another great one is the character Riley in Sense8. Her dad plinking out Baba O’Reilly on his uke shows where her name came from (provided you’re not one of the many people who, understandably, think the song is called Teenage Wasteland), which is simple enough. But it becomes a brilliant reference if you know that Read more

12:33 PM

I assumed it was a metaphor for the conflicts between modern and second-wave feminists.

8:10 PM

I'm not cool with hypothesizing about his suicide and relating it at all to this. Unless someone comes forward let's just let that one be. 

5:38 PM

This seems like a role that should be reserved for the somewhat odd-looking and vaguely nonsexual, kinda like Nimoy. I don’t know what to do with a hot and buff Spock. That’s like going to see a hot and buff income tax preparer or something, there should be no sexiness involved.

12:57 PM

Reminds me of the dearly departed’s Fametracker’s Oscar predictions gag where five clones of Karl Madlen pick the Oscar winners. Sigh. Good times, good times. 

1:20 PM

I’m curious to know the hierarchy of your outrage towards comedians who make controversial statements? 

2:00 PM

Yup. People and glass houses, I suppose. I guess I was at least hoping for some people to look inward and realize, “hey, maybe this isn’t such a great way to go through life and how to handle things.” Maybe even see a few articles looking to discuss the things brought up in this very letter. Nope.

1:54 PM

But also, making shitty shock humor tweets about rape or pedophilia is not the same thing as actually participating in rape or pedophilia, and putting them on the same ethical level is dangerous. Roseanne’s racist jokes were just that-direct instances of her participating in racism. This is not that. It doesn’t work Read more

1:46 PM

we should not be allowing people with purely political motivations to generate outrage for the purpose of destroying their opponents. That’s not how any of this should work. Read more