Mar 4

Well they peck at the window while flying up and down it, then land on the ledge and caw at themselves.
I dunno, I’m not a bird expert, just passing on what I see.
That being said, there ARE bugs and shit outside the windows. They aren’t feeding however, looks more like territoriality or confusion. 

Mar 1

Oh please, Atheists should stop with the ‘religious wars’ argument. Its a non argument that only shows how little you know your history. Religious wars are rare in human history. The majority of wars are fought over resources and power. Only a few over ideology or religion. Read more

Mar 1

Given that the evolutionary history of house cats never really included any sort of cooperative conditioning (at least until semi-recently), it really shouldn’t be all that surprising that they wouldn’t recognize cooperation or a refusal to cooperate, especially from another species with which they don’t have the best Read more

Mar 1

If the pages of boilerplate preceding recipes is actually important, then you are reading better cooking blogs than I am (not unlikely). In my experience, it’s usually anecdotes and cheerleading about the recipe they already sold you on with a photo. The worst offense, though, is that the main website I use for Read more

Mar 1

That’s really not all that strange when you consider where modern cats and dogs came from. Dogs were domesticated from wolves who live in packs and depend on each other so being loyal to packmates, which is how they view us, is hard wired. Cats on the other hand probably came from domestication of small jungle cats, Read more

Mar 1

Fucking BONKERS.  If I didn’t know better, I would have assumed this was some kind of low-brow performance art.

Feb 9

i... i... have a question, please don’t kinja me, i’m trying to understand this issue. Read more

Feb 8

I feel like people would love this if they had a chance to hold it. But no one can go to the Apple store to test out the new size, so they’ve just gone with what they know, rather than take the risk. I was one of the people who wanted a smaller iPhone badly, so I took the risk right away. Didn’t even wait for reviews. Read more

Feb 6

I’m afraid I’m not “more woke” or have increased sensitivity after reading this article. I’m just a little stupider for having encountered it. This appears to be looking for ways to be offended rather than, you know, actually doing something about actual racial injustice and cultural appropriation.  Read more

Feb 1

That’s exactly where I am on this, my name is mispronounced so much that I think I’m wrong. It really doesn’t matter unless the person is going to need to pronounce it more than once though.

Feb 1

Let’s not forget about all of the names that people don’t feel comfortable using anymore because of negative association attached to it. I’m sure there’s tons of Adolphs that changed it. My best in grad school’s name was Osama and he basically went through hell after 9/11 and got it legally changed the day he turned Read more

Jan 29

This is a fun story, but no one should believe anything a Russian spy has to say about anything. This sounds like propaganda to me. Propaganda thats meant to make the KGB/Russia sound more powerful than it actually is. They’ve been grooming Trump since 1977? Nope. Did they try to interfere in the 2016 election? Yep. Read more

Jan 25 2011

@RenRen: In many places it is a crime to dispose of anitifreeze improperly. Dumping it down the drain just puts it in your water supply, which is not something you really want to do.