Saturn Nuts
Jan 26 2017

I’m shocked that Vlade Divac would flop at something.

Jan 24 2017

And now, a joke. A Utah farmer dies and goes to heaven, where he is turned away for his sinful life and sent to hell. The Devil greets the farmer in hell “Welcome you sinful bastard, to hell! As punishment, you shall now work this barren patch of land for all of eternity in the blazing heat!” The devil then leaves the Read more

Jan 23 2017

The WARRIORS letting this happen BLEW my mind. A guy like Dion Waiters draining A THREE pointer in the clutch like this tells me ONE thing: a LEAD is never safe on South Beach.

Jan 23 2017

The Miller family also dumps millions into the Tour of Utah bike race every year. They seem like the exceeding rare sports owners who believe the team to be a community trust. Read more

Jan 23 2017

This reminds me of how I smile at my boss when we make eye contact and then after she turns aways I crinkle my nose in distaste.

Jan 23 2017

It was likely manipulated by Russia. And Comey’s rank, treasonous fuckery. And Trump lost by 3 million votes. It is morally completely illegitimate. Possibly legally as well.

Jan 23 2017

The funny thing is, in the last few years before John Saunders’ passing, the show was improving. The old guard was slowly disappearing and new faces were coming in (Jemele Hill, Jane McManus, Pablo Torre, Israel Gutierrrez). Then Saunders passed away, they decided to let Lupica host, and everything went to hell.

Jan 23 2017

As sanctimonious and sonorous as it could be, The Sports Reporters was one of the few places on ESPN where one could listen to grown-ups.

Jan 23 2017

Trash talking his brother and dancing with a buncha hot girls. Martellus is really picking up the Gronk slack lately.