Saturn Nuts
Jan 10 2017

I think most Bruins fans are surprised Pastrnak didn’t get the nod over Marchand.

Jan 5 2017

This is actually a transcript of the two middle-aged couples eating dinner next to me and my wife last Friday. Whole lot of “I’m not a racist but...” going on.

Dec 30 2016

I can’t speak for the campus itself but here in Connecticut, the team is adored. They have a huge, fairly diverse fan base, get tons of news coverage and great attendance for their games. And despite being a dick, Geno is arguably the most famous person in the state, with endorsements and his own product lines.

Dec 1 2016

Nice palate cleanser after the pedophile soccer coach story from yesterday.

Nov 30 2016

I’m picking up every Patriots offensive player available. This is going to be a bloodbath.

Nov 11 2016

Did he get a penalty for going in the restricted area? Or is he OK if his momentum carries him in?

Nov 10 2016

My wife is a middle school teacher in a wealthy, white Connecticut district. She came home in tears yesterday. The stories she told me made me cry. I forwarded this to her to let her know she’s not alone.

Nov 4 2016

As a Celtics fan, I’m honestly surprised you didn’t include Marcus Smart. I think he’ll be pretty good, but I think I’m in the minority.

Oct 20 2016

Ryan declined to comment, but at least one white Buffalo player—Richie Incognito, the offensive lineman notorious for a bullying scandal that included racial slurs and who has now become a force in the Bills clubhouse—insists that Trump’s winning message has resonated with NFL players like him. Read more

Oct 18 2016

The most NFL thing about all of this? Despite the cheap shots from the Bengals, the Pats were the ones to receive two unsportsmanlike penalties from all of this for trash talk. Player safety, indeed.

Oct 11 2016

What does reporters eating sandwiches have anything to do with football?

Oct 6 2016

#wellactually it’s not yogurt, it’s skyr *falls off wooden bicycle, tearing my Bonobos*

Oct 3 2016

A friend of mine, an active Army soldier stationed overseas, and his wife are both voting for Trump. As they put it, “Republicans are better for the military” so they “have to.” So I’ll offer these misguided individuals as a possible third category.

Sep 8 2016

Some great former Patriots on that list. I also remember Bethel Johnson, Daniel Graham, Zefross Moss, Tom Tupa and O.T.I.S. Smith.

Sep 7 2016

I was there. There were plenty of brisket ones left; the problem was when he saw the hot dogs next to them in the sandwich section.