Sando Calrissian
Apr 29

I clicked the auto-play ad while smacking my keyboard desperately trying to turn my volume off so I’m part of the problem now.

Mar 17

Coffee shops around me are removing seating and putting “take a number” things outside of stores so no one gathers or stands in lines

Feb 14

So they killed him off for all of 20 minutes of screen time... cool... real suspenseful...

Jan 21 2020

Subnautica was totally off my radar until I started talking about Outer Wilds and now everyone’s telling me I have to get on it.

Dec 30 2019

Doubling down on what Mr. Tusks said (and keeping as spoiler-free as possible): It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort or time to do anything in Outer Wilds once you know how to do it. Read more

Dec 24 2019

It’s particular brand of exploration can feel really off-putting at first, but if you stick with it can also be really rewarding.

My number one hint:
Use autopilot, make frequent use of “match velocity” (both in ship and in suit)

Dec 18 2019

I’d like to throw it out there that Rogue One did one bit of fan service super well: Darth Vader absolutely ripping through the rebel soldiers at the end. Although it’s something I think every Star Wars fan has wanted to see (why do we keep calling this 7 foot tall dude with a stiff walk the gold standard in galactic Read more

Dec 3 2019

I dunno man - it’s a cool trick and all, but by the time they’ve edited out the scaffolding, ramp, by-standers, crew it looks 100% fake anyway