Sando Calrissian
Jul 7

Interesting that this bike is currently pulling in an easy NP victory, but with nothing but negative comments here. Read more

Apr 23

I’ve been held up at gunpoint twice and the cops didn’t give a shit either time, so what the fuck is your point?

Apr 19

His PlayStation and the official controllers are also manufactured in China so he should probably burn it or something. 

Apr 19

“it’s certainly worth calling out China’s total lack of regard for intellectual property theft.” - If you make an honest living developing video games and this hurts you, sure, call out China. But if you made a career out of facilitating corporate deregulation and tax evasion, at least have the decency to blame Read more

Mar 12

Hi, I’m an asthmatic and there’s a deadly virus spreading across the country. Air quality is a huge problem for me. Thanks for the consideration. 

Mar 7

Oh good, it wasn’t that fucking douche canoe, Palmer Luckey.

Feb 20

Unfortunately, Tiger doesn’t get to compete with ‘90s entertainment options this year.

Feb 20

As someone who grew up with these things as the only source of portable gaming, why? They’re not fun for more than a couple of minutes, they’ve got no sense of responsiveness. The most interesting thing with them was that when you turned the thing on, all of the LCD parts would come on at once, so you could see how

Jan 23

Hi, so, I’m the producer of this piece and I fully agree with what you’re saying re: Facebook’s video viewership numbers being inflated. In fact, I was writing nervous missives about FB’s imminent collapse and effect on media back in 2017 when few people were thinking about it and even fewer people cared. Those bunk Read more

Dec 24 2019

I’d like to try it but my backlog is freaking huge and I’m motly determined to reduce it to half. It used to be that one thought there were not enough games per year to satisfy us, now there are more than enough and as an adult almost no time to play them...

Dec 14 2019

Wait, you mean that isn’t the title of the new porn parody?