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May 13

With tech limitations comes art direction. I’m totally grabbing this, since I never played the original, but I will say that I love the painterly direction of the original more than the generic stuff the new one has.

Aug 6

Dude.... This article wasn’t even about Epic man. It was about the indie studio and how they have been harassed to no end for simply doing the smart choice of taking an exclusivity deal that’s beneficial for them. It’s easy to talk about integrity and not selling out, but making games is fucking hard man. Read more

Jul 31

Men whose wallets are controlled entirely by their sexual urges—and who take no responsibility for that fact—are the real victims here, don’tcha know.

The thing that really gets me here is that while I understand the social connection aspect of the thing (because everyone—even the edgelords who say “I’m a loner—I don’t Read more

Jul 31

Horny idiots are going to horny idiot - I’d take their money if I could

Jul 31

There is a channel on Twitch and Youtube called “Marmeladenoma” where a grandmother, aided on the technical aspects by her grandson, is reading classic fairy tales to the viewers, in the hope that they will not be forgotten.
She has become an internet phenomenon in Germany, appearing on TV shows and generally getting Read more

Jul 31

Despite the shenanigans, a middle-aged woman has become accepted and celebrated in a medium that tends to be indifferent, if not downright hostile to those that are not young and beautiful. Yes, I see that as a positive thing. Read more

Jul 31

I mean, it’s much more nuanced than that. Especially considering the audience. These types of viewers and the relationships built around it us purely parasocial. Her being some young girl ready to be exploited through financial transaction, is apart of the fantasy of that relationship.

The veil is off of course, but Read more

Jul 25

FE: Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn are the ‘last’ of the ‘traditional FE’ games. They lack the otaku pandering as you mention and as a bonus, the characters are actually likable and interesting despite their grizzled nature, save Ike. Although Ike is a typical heroic soul with a cliched backstory and motive, how Read more

Jul 25

Play Echoes. Its a remake of a NES Fire Emblem and it doesn’t have the otaku pandering.

Jul 17

What kind of mental issue does someone need to have to get on here and post “I don’t have a problem, therefor the thousands and thousands of people who do have this problem must be jelly-covered toddlers”?

Jun 21 2019

I mean hell, I’m an AA cup and you can bet I’m wearing one if I anticipate doing much of anything. 

Jun 21 2019

Wow.... this is the breast equivalent of “Are migrant detention centers concentration camps? Ya or nah?” debate. Utterly pointless and vapid. But it has identified all the creepers lurking in your comments section. Did he say “bind” or “reduce”? Who cares? Why are we even discussing this? The more important part is Read more

Jun 21 2019

If you ever wanted a concise explanation for why gamers at large are bad, the fact that they’re very mad that a pugilist character is wearing a sports bra is a pretty good one.

Jun 21 2019

People making even a slight deal about Tifas breasts is pissing me off. To me they are still huge AND she is wearing a sports bra which means they are even bigger! She looks fantastic and all the shit heads are complaining about her breast size. 

Jun 20 2019

Of course, the extra benefit to the Grieving Man is that he can easily be dubbed over as straight by China. /cynicism

Jun 20 2019

“Xbox Live is not a free speech platform. It is not a place where anybody can come and say anything. And as we’re working to ensure it’s a safe and inclusive environment for everybody, I don’t want to be opaque about it. I want to be out there front and center so that you understand our motivation.” Read more