sailor shitpost
Jul 25

Whoa. After being wholly uninterested in this game, the fact that it’s getting strong reviews is actually making me want to pick it up. Read more

Jul 1 2019

As a long time fan, I don’t think these look like the 90s designs at all. They look pretty much the same as season 3's designs, except Tadano removed all the bubbly, floppy weirdness from those Precure-esque designs. Even the aesthetic of this design comes from the first two seasons of Crystal.

Jun 21 2019

I’m a woman. Even with medium-sized boobs, the simple act of running can be painful. It makes no sense for Tifa’s big tits to be unrestrained and flopping all over the place while she’s doing martial arts and other athletic activities. Read more

Jun 18 2019

Womp womp. I missed the part about the nice rehiring and severance plan thing. I deserved all these comments, lol. Read more

Jun 18 2019

I want to assume the best on his answer about crunch, but I know Japan has its own culture of overwork that extends across many industries. He seems to have answered just vaguely enough suggest they didn’t crunch, without just coming out and saying it. Translation issue?

Jun 14 2019

Oh look, more reasons for me to feel good about cancelling my Prime subscription 2 years ago and just going out to stores more often when I need things.

Jun 14 2019

How so? The aesthetic and tone in MUA is so different that the lack of having the movie actors’ likeness doesn’t bother me. It’s clearly a different universe. Read more

May 20 2019

To be honest, I’m still confused about what your problem is with what I wrote. The point of what I wrote about legal ethics in our article is about how our system actually works and the fact that PW doesn’t depict legal ethics accurately. But you seem to be arguing for your right to dislike defense lawyers even if you Read more

May 16 2019

oh, sorry about that!!! If I remember right, 147 is definitely filler, but it’s also a pretty good filler episode so you might want to watch it. I’ll update the guide!

May 13 2019

I loved everything about this movie. As I stepped out of it, I immediately wanted to watch it again. SEQUELS, PLEASE! <3

May 9 2019

Sort of. MMO economies aren’t entirely 1:1 with real-world economies. In the real world, taxes are put towards programs that society needs as a whole (or at least they’re supposed to). In MMOs, this is done to control inflation, which is a massive problem in fictional economies where money is spawned by a computer out Read more

Apr 1 2019

hmm sounds like you’re not at all like John, dude, and instead felt the need to brag about how not-John you are? :p

Mar 6 2019

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. I thought that was pretty clear but I should have known that when we’re talking about VNs I needed to be more specific than that, rofl.

Mar 5 2019

I can! Are you interested in hearing a few titles? Some of them are yaoi/BL games though, and one of them is a horror game that’s disgusting on purpose.