Sailor Jupiter
2:41 PM

They straight up live next door to Tiffany’s. This is the equivalent of me handing Barack a gift from my bodega.

7:09 PM

A few years ago, maybe 2013 or 14, Secretary Hillary Clinton came to my work (not Wall Street, tech company) for a fireside chat and to promote her book. She talked at length about her experience as SOS, and one thing she discussed was how much “small offenses” matter to so many leaders and countries around the world, Read more

11:03 AM

Well the one thing is, we don’t actually know whether MiB raped her. He took her into that barn very menacingly, and we sure as hell were meant to ASSUME that he did, but we don’t know yet what exactly happened.

11:01 PM

I’m pretty sure the common thread here is marijuana. The employees got freaked out by a customer and hid in the back: high. Dude goes to CVS in the middle of the night looking for cheese and spends 45 minutes wandering around the store: high. Read more

3:58 PM

Well, I hope you’re happy. I won’t be able to finish watching Westworld now, because you made me roll my eyes so hard that they fell out of my head, and now I’m blind.

5:32 PM

So, I could be wrong, but I think the writers left that episode ending ambiguous on purpose, when they are like, “aha, a soul for you” at the very end you’re supposed to think: was that his intention the whole time? Or did he go there to get his chip removed and this is a trick punishment from the higher being Read more

5:07 PM

I actually met Jonah Peretti once at some tech thing. He asked me if I was waiting in line and I said no and he said thanks.

5:19 PM

Man. I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised that the comments on this article are so different to the comments on last week’s Constance Wu/whitewashing article, but I am. Basically, it appears that “chill the fuck out” is the consensus here. The one movie of the year about a person with a serious disability — not Read more

9:29 PM

Being a sore loser and not conceding when he loses, shit talking the organizations when he doesn’t get their endorsements, stealing campaign data, whining about the establishment when he almost exclusively gets positive press and now constantly changing the conditions after agreeing to them - it’s Bernie’s world Read more

11:55 AM

There’s a special section in heaven reserved for people who have had to deal with old people arguing over change.

7:58 PM

Yeah, sometimes we have to order takeout because the sink is too full of dishes to be able to do any cooking.