SaigaShooter - He's got an Impreza
9:11 AM

We pulled down some wood panel and put up drywall in our living room when we bought our house last year. Such a PITA. The one thing I did learn was to use the widest putty knife you can find, then you have more area to blend your mistakes in.

7:28 PM

Ugh. on my 2.5 the filter is accessed from the bottom and you have to reach through essentially a donut shape in the exhaust to get to it, and once you remove it oil dumps all ofver the exhaust pipe. its awful

11:53 AM

The Wells Fargo is just an ATM, though there is another dentist in that building (can't swing a dead cat without hitting a dental office around here.) the Westphal building has its main entrance facing the lot he parked in. 

10:16 AM

Technical question: What if, as in the case of my base model Impreza the “fake vent” is just there to plug a hole where the fog lights would go? Is that technically a fake vent or is it on the same level as a switch blank, there to remind you that if you werent so cheap you could have nicer things?