SaigaShooter - He's got an Impreza
Mar 24

Based on what I’ve seen most people (at least here in Wausau) are acting like its just another day. Went for a drive yesterday after work and everyone still seems to be going about their normal business. This kinda thing only leads to moe infected and a more strict lockdown...

Jan 17

There’s always one guy that has to announce “There it goes!” Thanks Darryl, but we all see the big metal tower falling over, that’s why we are sitting in this field.

Nov 7

Aussiming I have no tools or anyone to help, and that it has 4 low, I’d try inching forward and see about getting that rear wheel slowly down the face of the rock. Hard to tell but the drivers side rear could possibly be touching something too. Read more

Sep 6

We pulled down some wood panel and put up drywall in our living room when we bought our house last year. Such a PITA. The one thing I did learn was to use the widest putty knife you can find, then you have more area to blend your mistakes in.