SaigaShooter - He's got an Impreza
Dec 3

it’s increasingly more common for me to feel like just (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ everything and want to be a truck driver instead. 

Nov 22

Its just like your spouse letting you know they are upset with you for not taking out the trash by wanting to move. 

Aug 12

 Don't forget to grab a pair of Blizzaks for winter. 

Aug 10

Cut the top off of a 1 liter soda bottle. Loosen filter a half turn or so, then slide the bottom of the bottle over the filter. Unscrew the filter by gripping it by the sides as you hold the bottle up to catch any oil. I have a similar arrangement on my Acura and was given this tip by a tech.  I think they have a Read more

Jul 26

He could have left the horses home. 

May 8 2018

Why would I put in the effort to improve my situation to the point that I can actually buy Boardwalk, when I can instead just whine that it is too hard and the game is rigged?
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Jan 26 2018

I’m looking for an old fire station- huge garage, a big kitchen, and a fire pole. Everything you need!

Oct 30 2017

I’m not looking to turn this thread into a pissing match of beliefs. Please be respectful of the fact that 84% of the world believes in a religion, even if you don’t. Please keep this to sms tools, or don’t comment at all.