So that means this build will be nerfed into the ground tomorrow then right? Read more

I’ve played a minion master build in every game in this genre that lets me, and as fun as this looks I’m going to do the same in Diablo 4 when I get around to buying it. Read more

Ah being bugged explains why I’ve only got one from around 10 world bosses. Read more

As a sorc doing the ice shards meme, it still blows my mind that other classes don’t have to apply like 5 different statuses in order to make their abilities do damage lol
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Yeah, but I have 10 minions I can have conversations with, and mourn when they return to their eternal rest. Read more

For some shows that’s reasonable, for others I hear so many good things that I power onward even if the first two eps felt slow.

Much like with Andor, people just don’t have the patience anymore to let a story develop. In the process, they are losing out on excellently crafted works that reward the patient viewer in the end.
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This is why people will die on my doorstep before I let them in.

Sorry, not sorry. I’m not getting killed by some demon/ghost/hag. Read more

How about Quantumania ends with this post-credit scene: Read more

It was pretty forgettable. Strange is walking down the street. Charlize shows up. Strange opens his third eye and they take off through a portal.  Read more

What? Spider-Man had a pretty major post credit scene. The Venom symbiote is now loose in the main MCU universe. Read more

Such a waste if they kill off the fan favorite casting in 5 minutes, to then replace him with a no name for the MCU F4 Read more

Question for the people who are against creating a Facebook account in order to use an Oculus device: Read more

Absolutely, and look, I am not nearly a skilled enough gamer to care about high scores. But it’s fundamentally a rhythm game, and randomizing the action would eliminate that part of the game entirely. I certainly wouldn’t object if the developers provided that as a gameplay option, I just get why they wouldn’t because Read more

Eh, but is supposed to be a rhythm game, with the action taking place to the beat of the music. Randomization would eliminate that aspect of the game. It’d be like randomizing a level in Guitar Hero. Sure, it’d create some novel difficulty, but it would also mean ditching a central conceit of the game. And I’m not Read more

If we get another vampire related show I want it to be an updated version of “Father McGruder: Kung Fu Priest & Vampire Hunter”.

From “The Last Kingdom”