sad legs
1/01/21 9:58PM

This artistic rendering does not look like Isra Hirsi to the point that it’s offensive.

9/21/20 9:33PM

We already burnt that police station down.

8/07/20 2:34AM

I live in South Minneapolis too (about a block away from the George Floyd memorial), and the further south I go, I’ve been shocked by the amount of Antone signs I’ve seen pop up just within the past two weeks. If you go to the more affluent areas you’ll see more of them. Then there are the near-daily mailers he sends Read more

7/24/20 12:18AM

I have female cousins in their 20s and 30s who grew up in an extremely socially conservative small town in Kansas,and this still sounds like a timewarp. Pressure to stick close to home is definitely a thing, but my female cousins all went into healthcare—nursing and physical therapy—because it’s stable,high demand,and Read more

4/15/20 4:36PM

Biden has said he’s choosing a woman, so no Booker or Castro.

2/05/20 2:27PM

Defending the rights of top Democratic leadership not to be investigated when foreign oligarchs give hundreds of thousands of dollars to their children, and the Dad then pressures for a change of prosecutor who makes an investigation into said oligarchs go away, is not the ground she should have chosen to fight on. Read more

9/08/19 11:45AM

You apparently don’t like Rich, but it’s straight-up wrong to say that he doesn’t like horror movies. He’s been writing/blogging about the horror genre for over ten years.

8/09/19 9:47AM

Since I saw your reply about how Native American genocide is right and good because it carried the gospel from coast to coast, I see that there’s no need for me to try to explain the morality of not labeling humans as “illegal” or the intentional immorality of our current immigration system. You’re operating on a poiso Read more

8/08/19 11:07PM

It is neither valid nor important to maintain.

8/08/19 12:47PM

I understand and appreciate the sentiment behind your comment, but wanted to follow up on a couple of common misconceptions. Read more

8/06/19 10:02PM

I just wanted to say I showed this to my husband, and at first he laughed hysterically, then looked at it more closely and said “Oh, 4/4 for 5? That’s a garbage card.” Then he kept saying things, allowing that it might be a good card if it had “trample.” I did not know what he was talking about, but he kept going. I Read more

7/16/19 11:02PM

Even the prophets aren’t so different. Islam shares 24 Judeo-Christian prophets, including Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Elijah, and Jesus-motha-fucking-Christ (peace be upon them).

6/28/19 1:13PM

I’m not sure many of those people exist, but I imagine Never-Trump conservatives like George Will would likely abstain rather than vote for a “socialist” like Warren (who is actually an avowed capitalist). I definitely know people who would abstain or vote third party if Harris got the nomination. They are far-left Read more

6/21/19 8:26PM

We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night on 3 different sights when I asked, how many will die. 150 people, sir, was the answer from a General.”  Read more

6/17/19 1:51PM

I used to work at a job training/workforce nonprofit that had a major focus on those re-entering from prison, and a free ride to a job interview is...something, a nice bonus I guess. Not much, in the scope of the obstacles they’d be facing both obtaining a job and getting to that job every day. It would be helpful Read more

6/02/19 11:28PM

The fifteen year old ISIS fighter wasn’t on a battle field, he was a prisoner of war. He was stabbed to death while he was imprisoned, and Gallagher joked about it in text messages. You fucking sociopath. 

5/06/19 12:58PM

Comment redacted due to weird multi post that I didn’t even mean for you in the first place.

5/06/19 12:52PM

I clearly said she was making money on blogging, so you quoting the article there is irrelevant. But now you’ve changed your tune, saying your problem with her isn’t with “making money on social media” (which is what I was correcting you on, since she wasn’t), it’s with “life blogging.” You’re here, so you don’t have Read more

5/06/19 9:22AM

Of course she wanted to make money. I was taking the issue with the term social media.