If you live in the city - some of us live in rural areas. And I’m not close enough to get to the pokestops and gyms in my town without driving. Maybe if all of us had your disability and your set up that would be true, but it's not. I would expect that sort of dismissing comment from someone who hasn't been there, but Read more

Starred for “demesne.” More people should use it. Also the story :) Read more

VIII is my favorite, too. Count this as another vote for XI! Can’t wait to play VII - the only one I missed. It's been my favorite series since NES Dragon Warrior, the first. Slimes are too cute! Read more

My first thought when my husband and I heard this (about Gretchen) was “holy shit” and my second was that I hope she doesn’t get fired. Fox News doesn’t seem to like “uppity” women that much. I'm glad, though, that she spoke her mind - though it did seem like she was careful to not go too far, possibly for that job Read more

That is the damn truth as well. I was older when I went in and had previous jobs and college beforehand and it amazed me what my classmates/people who went in the same time I did right out of school or people who may have served longer but had never been a civilian believed about the way the outside world worked. But Read more

That's awesome! Wish I could have served with him :) Read more

Your SO is one of the good ones. I'm grateful for his service and leadership on behalf of his servicemen and women. Life is always easier with a compassionate officer. We may not always have lots of chances to say so, but we can tell the difference. IThere were a few tough, fair, but empathetic officers in my tenure Read more

You deserve more stars. I cannot fathom why more people have not starred this post for how true it is. As a vet who worked so so *so* many “twelve” (really about 16) hour shifts and remained below the poverty line for the entirety of my enlistment, thank you for acknowledging this. Thank you very much. Read more

It was on the morning news in my area today! I agree it's awful, but after your post I was pleased to see it covered. We do need to be better neighbors. Read more

My husband plays the souls games, and I’ve always wanted to play. I’ve been a gamer my entire life - I started on Pong as a toddler - but due to an illness I now have trouble playing at as high levels as I used to. Unbidden twitches, aches, etc. I wish the games were accessible without your requirement because I can Read more

There are a lot of new studies out that are beginning to unravel the physiological changes in the body for fibromyalgia and CFS. It is becoming clearer that this view is not really the case. Check PubMed. Read more

Hugs to you from another secondary fibro person! Hang in there! Read more

Much love from another secondary fibro commenter here. Internet hugs if you want them :) Read more

Putting invisible illness in quotes is kind of ableist and gross. Just because you don't like this woman doesn't mean you should deny the fact that there are illnesses that really affect quality of life and cause suffering that do not make one look sick at all. Read more

I'm glad you got out for good. Another survivor here - the situation sneaks up on you (general you), it's insidious, and you don't realize how bad it is until it's too late. And then it's so embarrassing to admit a smart, independent woman got herself in this situation? You deserve tons to credit and love for making Read more

I know you're being innundated with tips, but you did mention having issues getting stuff started, so here's one that can help. (I have a chronic illness and anxiety so I feel you.). Ask someone you trust to do some of the basic research - comparing insurance doctor lists to your area, maybe checking to see if they're Read more

Your comment shone with your love for your son and your pride in him and how fiercely you'll fight for him. It brought tears to my eyes; I know it had nothing to do with me, but it really touched me and I just wanted to say you sound like you’re one hell of a mom. Read more

Ooh, thanks so much! Looking forward to it! Read more