He started out with a short film about a guy who rapes his father. That made me stay away from Hereditary right from the start.

After looking up the real story, I’m very worried about this film coming off like it’s giving the message that rape accusations shouldn’t be believed, since to stay true to the known facts it’ll have to stay completely ambiguous about whether the accusation is true. And Ridley has certainly given the impression in Read more

The ride actually started out as a serious recreation of a tour through the jungle, but it was so impossible to take seriously that they retooled it into a comedy. And somehow they only just recently got around to taking out the horribly racist stuff, long after there’s no longer women being raped in Pirates.

Jason Reitman does get that this is a comedy, right? I mean, I absolutely get the whole attachment he has to this franchise from visiting his dad while making the first one, but I don’t think there’s a single joke in here, which is kind of a big part of why that movie is so good.

Amanda Peet: Guys, you realize you don’t need a woman to be raped for her to have character development, right? Read more

I’m surprised there’s no mention here of the short-lived Fox TV show, which was revealed as a surprise direct sequel halfway through the first season. Despite the very questionable choice to portray Chris MacNeal as a predatory parent who ruthlessly exploited her daughter’s trauma, it was a lot better than I was Read more

It was supposed to be, but then Netflix was so impressed they gave it one more season. So the final episode’s epilogue montage was chopped off and expanded into a full season.

This is also technically the same Lucifer that Gwendoline Christie is playing in The Sandman.

Honestly, he’s being more polite to Disney than I would be in his situation.

One rather big part of the story being left out here is that Pykta hasn’t exactly had a very sterling career after you’d think a big hit like Space Jam would have given him real clout. He’s mostly been relegated to doing commercials. Which means he clearly knows full well this is the ONLY time in his life when people Read more

The thing that really fascinates me about this whole franchise is that there’s never actually been a good entry in it, unless maybe you count the original dolls from the ‘50s. But people just keep thinking they’ll be the one to crack the code on how to make it work.

I can’t help pointing out that there’s a certain actress involved in the Wakanda side of the MCU who recently revealed herself to be an anti-vax, transphobic asshole, just like a certain other actress in a certain other Disney-owned franchise just got fired for. So we may well just be seeing the new Shuri.

I look forward to the debates about whether she counts as a non-white superhero, after that huge stink over the In the Heights casting.

Perhaps his most underrated performance is in The Prince of Egypt. Not as Moses, but as God. He perfectly captures both the power and warmth the role demands, when most actors tend to lean farther to one or the other.

Manifest writing crew: “Oh crap, I thought we were off the hook!”

I can’t wait to see what lazy analogy for racism and/or classism he’ll be doing this time.

I am proud to say I have no idea what “You’re such a Samantha” means, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

As I understand it, the major stumbling block has been getting Jeff Anderson to come back, as he hates being recognized for the role and even didn’t talk to Smith for years. It was hard enough convincing him to do the second film.

Is there going to be extra seasons of Stanley Tucci talking about Italian food? That’s the only way I see this being at all successful.

I always had such respect for how he clearly was well aware he both moved and sang like a drunk walrus, and decided to actually make that an asset in pursuing his dream of a rap career, presenting himself as an endearing, innocent lunk in stark contrast to the usual image people in the trade try to project.