Tuesday 8:41PM

For me the frustrating part has been the tone of some of the criticism - largely on Twitter. There is absolutely nothing wrong for saying it could be better. What I have seen is many people saying that the creators must not have ever been to Washington Heights. Obviously, Lin-Manuel Miranda has been there. He was Read more

Tuesday 7:28PM

Meanwhile, the vast majority of TV and movies use majority white casts and no one says a word beyond vague bellyaching. It’s amazing how, after creating dozens of iconic roles for people of color between Hamilton and In the Heights, Lin-Manuel Miranda has been an absolute punching bag for social justice types, while Read more

Tuesday 5:32PM

It is always okay to be critical of any film and John Chu did himself no favors with his concepts, but some of the tweets definitely started to feel like a purity test instead of criticism. It will be hard to enjoy any media at all if it needs to meet 100% of a test. It will always fail. Many of the tweets suggested a Read more

Tuesday 2:57PM

Yes, let’s get angry at the person that has done the most to visibly increase minority representation in theatre in at least the last 25 years, that’s very productive. Read more

Tuesday 2:17PM

Melissa Barrera was just starring in Vida, which was widely praised for its Hispanic representation. But sure, call her white. After slandering Ellie Kemper, I’m not surprised you’re doing this bullshit. Pathetic.

Tuesday 1:41PM

I’m really not. I mean, you can pretend that’s what it means if you want to, and that they are unrelated. I applaud your effort in doing your research to ask the actress if people presume she is white and non-latinx, because otherwise this would be an offensive presumption, no? “In the author’s estimation, people Read more

Tuesday 1:31PM

Oh, FFS - enough with this bullshit. Yep, go ahead, direct your hate at me, I’m cool with it, and I never reply so type away. Read more

Tuesday 1:03PM

“White-passsing means just that. You pass for white in society as a whole. It’s not an insult” Read more

Tuesday 1:02PM

Full minority-in-America cast film with minority-lead-creatives about a mostly-minority neighborhood. Read more

Tuesday 12:24PM

Wow, that’s really inaccurate. So you are friends with Ms. Barrera and are familiar with her intentionally concealing her heritage to pass as white? White-passing is an activity, not a description. And to know if people who see Ms. Barrera initially believe she is white and not latinx you would have to do a survey. Read more

Tuesday 11:17AM

But in the film, Vanessa is played by white-passing Mexican actor Melissa Barrera. Read more

Tuesday 11:00AM

But in the film, Vanessa is played by white-passing Mexican actor Melissa Barrera.” I guess there’s some reasonable issue about Hollywood casting people of a certain race as long as they don’t look “TOO Mexican” or whatever, but for some reason this struck me as kind of a criticism of the actress. Given that she Read more

4/22/21 11:08AM

“like why the U.S. government happily handed the shield over to a white guy rather than the Black man who deserved it” Read more

9/19/20 12:29PM

Again fuck off and fuck you with that noise. You are a poster child for why the republicans got civics taken out of schools. You dumbfucks didn’t vote in 2014 in the midterms, you didn’t vote in 2016, you didn’t even vote for your own guy, Bernie this year, as far as the low voter turnouts he had, as you’d rather sit Read more

8/06/20 4:18PM

While those commenting may not feel ready to learn about colorism, based on the general tone of these responses, it’s about goddamn time. She wore a prosthetic nose to play a darker-skinned Black woman. The world isn’t so didactic that being Black is justification enough to play any Black person, and the time it took Read more