Aug 6

While those commenting may not feel ready to learn about colorism, based on the general tone of these responses, it’s about goddamn time. She wore a prosthetic nose to play a darker-skinned Black woman. The world isn’t so didactic that being Black is justification enough to play any Black person, and the time it took Read more

May 31

So we’ve reached the point where the musical which literally casts the Founding Fathers of the United States as black and minority figures can be dismissed as “a pretty whitewashed version of American history”.

May 9

Yeah, I read through his Wikipedia page and it’s insane. The personal section alone is easily a movie, maybe a documentary series. I hope someone manages to do his life story justice.

May 1

I’ve never quite understood the Chuck Berry complaint.  Yes, Marty goes back in time and plays a Chuck Berry song that Chuck Berry adopts... but Marty learned the song from Chuck Berry in the first place did he not?  I never got the impression that implication was that Marty McFly wrote Johnny B. Goode in 1985 from Read more

Apr 24

I was confused why the reviewer seemed to be ignoring or just forgetting the concept of dramatic irony in this review? Plenty of incredible TV and cinema has been made where we know more than the characters do, down to the outcome of people’s lives. Hell, Better Call Saul is the best show on TV and that hinges on Read more

Mar 22

Really well-articulated. I think that’s what bothered me most about Greg in this episode, not what he actually did or did not do as a parent, but the obliviousness and doubling-down. It never seems to occur to him that breaking into his estranged secret grandparents’ home and learning all about dad’s hidden childhood Read more

Mar 21

There’s more than one way to be a bad parent. And one of them’s reacting against a bad rearing so comprehensively that you merely become the opposite kind of bad parent. And it’s extremely likely that Steven’s meeting his grandparents would’ve gone poorly ... but it was his prerogative to get the chance to meet them Read more

Feb 28

Samesies. Really, I feel like there’s point where snark becomes unnecessary punching down and this maybe comes close to that line. I haven’t read these, but my gut is telling me that they’re well-intentioned attempts to explain past horrors to children, as well as maybe instilling a lesson about surviving such Read more

Feb 26

Creating their own fictional version of it, to me at least, seems less offensive than bringing 100% real world tragedy to their over the top silly grindhouse show. “Hunters” doesn’t pretend to be historically accurate and takes huge liberties with many events (not to spoil anything) so inventing their own Read more

Feb 9

And yet another hot take of why JoJo is meh because “it’s not that good a Holocaust film” when it’s not trying to be a Holocaust film. Read more

Feb 9

Well, Taika did recently say that if nobody criticized any of his films, then he knew that he must have something wrong.... that’s probably the only praise I can give this piece. Read more

Feb 7

I mean, this article is blatantly untrue. Showing a movie in a classroom is perfectly okay — because you aren’t charging any of the students to watch it. It’s a private screening. It’s like having friends over to watch a film. Read more

Jan 21

I’m here to confirm that some universities do in fact do fire alarms at incredibly annoying hours. The latest one I experienced at college was around 12:30AM. Needless to say, everyone was upset and wanted to ignore the alarm. But the particular alarm our school was impossible to block out due to its piercing nature. Read more

Jan 21

I think Beth didn’t react to Randall’s conclusion that an intruder was in their room because she knows it’s more likely the items are out of place than a petty cash robber taking sophisticated turquoise earrings and cuff links.   This was her being calm to make him calm, as how everyone seems to know how to handle Read more

Jan 21

What an arresting depiction of anxiety. I’m satisfied to see This Is Us really put a big focus on the topic. That’s why the trilogy format serves this show brilliantly- it lets them paint such intimate portraits, even moreso than usual.

Also- speaking from experience, college dorm fire drills in the middle of the night Read more

Jan 21

And of course no-body makes a big deal about Riker and Pulaski murdering their clones.