Ry-bones, FiST pilot
Aug 3

Hm. Sword wielding maniac intimidates people and gets a pass from police. Sounds about White.

Aug 1

I’m just going to keep saying this: we can’t keep asking for solidarity then attack people who step up. Especially those who choose to put their body on the line. Read more

Jul 31

I’m not yet sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, but I’m gradually losing my capacity for “getting mad at a snake, for being a snake”.

Jul 31

Okay so I get part of this, but I’m totally confused by the significance of the non-profit registration and them wanting federal officers out.

Jul 31

BS! I am glad these white women and White people are actively protesting on behalf of Black people. Black folks need this sort of support.

Jul 29

If Biden picks Harris and wins the election, every day and every night of the following four years Trump, Ivanka, the Dumb ‘n’ Dumber twins, and their whole supporting cast of grifters, fraudsters, tax-evaders and unregistered foreign agents (especially Roger “Zippy-head” Stone) will be down on their knees praying Read more

Jul 29

I’ll be so glad when Biden finally announces and the veepstakes finally ends. Of course, that’s when the knives will come out from all the people pissed off that their choice didn’t get the nod.

Jul 29

Or an inveterate speeder. Sometimes the best car is an invisible car ...

Jul 20

Its ok the Bronco didn’t debut with a V8. I’ll still want one after the first year model gets the bugs worked out and I’m of the camp that the V8 is not going to be with us much longer. 

Jul 20

What I like about these is the thin pillar/huge greenhouse combo. You just can’t find that aesthetic today. Read more

Jul 20

Every Corvair is a safe Corvair if you know how to drive...