Ry-bones, FiST pilot
Oct 21

When I was in I didn’t deal with Os much but I do remember some of the most well respected Marines I ever met were dark green.

Sep 11

Matt, I hope your mental health improves. To that end perhaps consider a vehicle with charm or quirk, and under budget so you don’t have a payment and the stress associated. Honda Element, take those dogs to the park and not worry about muddy paws. Landcruiser, Wrangler, Grand Cherokee, take those dogs to any park.

Aug 21

I’ve had a couple Jeeps over the years and not only have I never put the windshield down, I don’t personally know anyone who has. 

Jul 30

That would require me to believe that Democrats are competent, against all evidence to the contrary.  I hope you’re right.

Jul 29

Looking up similar plug-in hybrids, I can get a bit more for my money so I’ve got to go CP.  But it’s close.