Feb 22 2017

Does that dog stack wood artistically outside of his cottage? No.

Feb 21 2017

I love that fucker’s reasoning “Why should we have to subject them to that?” Read more

Feb 20 2017

“Sexually mature” in a biological sense just means that they’ve gone through puberty and would be capable of reproducing. It’s an appropriate term to use to discuss a 13-year-old. What’s inappropriate is suggesting that sexual maturity (in the biological sense) makes it OK to have sex with a 13-year-old.

Feb 14 2017

Yo, so I skillfully combined two memes in one: ‘How it feels to listen to a podcast’ & ‘woman laughing alone with salad’. I’m ... a very lonely person.

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Feb 14 2017

“The sound of someone listening” is definitely a thing! I remember hearing that extra click when someone would pick up another land line in the house back in the day. Or maybe breathing? 911 operators are trained to pick up on that shit.

Feb 14 2017

I tend to find that, the larger someone’s cross is on their necklace, the more likely they are to do deeply non-Christian shit.

Feb 10 2017

The Secret is a great book. I picked up a hardcover copy at a used bookstore, glued the back cover shut, cut out the pages, and turned it into a hollowed-out book case for my ereader. I get the occasional odd look, but its from somebody who clearly has no idea what my copy’s secret really is.

Feb 9 2017

ISD = Independent School District. You can find them all over Texas; just ask for directions to the nearest 20,000-seat high school football stadium.

Feb 8 2017

I got called “Sir” at the Arbys drivethrough, it made me frown. I’m only 32.

Feb 7 2017

Seriously considering making this my new default email reply at work.

Feb 7 2017

My only takeaway from this is that I found a great new response for when I don’t wanna deal with something.

Unless it’s a knighthood fuck off.