And of course they only decorate gorgeous tall thin white super models.  Read more

My ex is close friends with this guy. He is exactly what you think. A horny dude who loves touching models and pretends it’s for “the art.” Please.  Read more

But is nothing sacred anymore? Is nothing so beautiful you want to keep it to yourself and cherish in the privacy? Not everything is a public event. Some things should be kept to yourself.  Read more

You sound bitter. Alllllll she did was get lip fillers and made $800 million. You worked so damn hard in your bank job and still struggle. Poor you.  Read more

Yup. The people commenting how unsafe it was to WALK INTO A TOURIST CAVE have obviously never been to Thailand. Land of smiles and families of 5 (including infant) on one motor bike and 10 year olds driving. :) Read more

Typo. I meant is IS a super common popular tourist destination. Monsoon season in Thailand was very early this year and heavier than years past. This was bad luck. Sometimes things just happen, there’s nobody to BLAME and that’s ok. It’s life. Thank god they’re almost all out.  Read more

If it’s on in a motel and that’s the only thing on...go ahead and watch. It’s pretty bad. Book was way better.  Read more

I mean. She sold like a billion lip kits. She sold out her first batch in literal seconds. She’s taking on the dough from her makeup line and good for her. Why the hate. Lame.  Read more

Ur so cool pretending not to care yet commenting and racking up stars.  Read more

This wasn’t really “caving.” This isn’t a common tourist destination. I walked it when I was 10 with my family including 70yr old grandma. The fact that the kids got flooded in and stuck is just plain bad luck.  Read more

This cave is a common tourist destination. I’ve been there. It usually isn’t a dangerous spot as long as it doesn’t flash flood, which it happened to do at an unfortunate time. It’s nobody’s “fault”.  Read more

Have you talked to them about how they treat you? Phrase it how you feel. I FEEL _____ when I visit. I FEEL ____ when you do ____. Be very clear about being different than they are, accept the differences and ask if the family can bond through the differences. Sometimes all it takes it saying “please don’t comment on Read more

You’re a great mom. My parents used to take us on road trips and camping trips because we couldn’t afford fancy vacations. They were the BEST memories I have. You’re daughters will have fond memories of that trip for their entire lives. And sleeping in the car is so much fun (as a kid and adult.) :)  Read more

With PCOS you probably are not ovulating normally. Start taking ovulation tests every day (at the same time every day around 10am) for a month or two. You’ll see if and when you ovulate. It also may not be every month. You can get pregnant but may need to do a bit more research and planning than someone without pcos. Read more

I’m so sorry for your loss. I’ve lost friends to suicide and it’s so painful. Hugs.  Read more

I love Teal. She has helped me process a lot of grief and trauma. Her voice is very soothing and the way in which she connects things to a bigger picture makes a lot of sense to me. I hear and understand the criticism and some of it is valid, but she has done much more good than bad. She’s also led a very difficult Read more

I hate underwear. I go commando 90% of the time unless it’s a very very short skirt. And even then....I don’t mind someone getting a flash if they’re watching me cross my legs or walk up the subway stairs. I also sleep without underwear. Always have. I don’t people who feel they need to protect their vagina 24:7. Let Read more