RIP Bump Bailey
10/20/19 1:30AM

At least we won’t have to hear any more about how “likable” a team starring Chapman and Brett Gardner is.

10/14/19 12:12PM

The final pitch was way too close for Sanchez to argue as much as he did, even if we ignore everything else that happened in that AB. Probably a ball but not exactly shocking it was called a strike.

10/10/19 1:01AM

This week I’ve somehow been sympathetic to Nickelback, Ted Cruz, and the Cardinals.  I think that means the world ends tomorrow.

10/06/19 10:52PM

Of course it’s racist, but even more than that it’s annoying.  I have to mute every Atlanta home game as if it were being called by Chris Berman & Harold Reynolds.

9/30/19 12:10PM

Has anyone here ever seen Emmert and Newt Gingrich in the same room together?

9/19/19 2:16PM

I applaud Lauren for not mentioning German’s 18-4 record this year, which is almost entirely a product of the Yankees offense.  The local media will likely make a bigger deal out of this if he misses the playoffs, but he’s been a pretty ordinary pitcher this year.

9/17/19 3:47PM

The overuse of the word “football” by football people - announcers, coaches, players, etc. - has been a huge pet peeve of mine for years. Every once in a blue moon you’ll hear it in baseball or basketball but it’s rare. Oddly, the person who first pointed this phenomenon out to me was none other than Tim McCarver, I Read more

9/17/19 3:45PM

“Sir, what I’m going to need for you to do for me right now is go ahead and...”

9/12/19 4:40PM

At least it’s not as bad as the time he passed out singing karaoke after the Deadspin awards.

9/03/19 1:40PM

This is truly one of the weirdest comments I’ve ever read in a WYTS. Your team is a game away from the Super Bowl and the old lady thinks it’s disrespectful to peek at your phone?  And you obliged?

8/27/19 12:56PM

Lots of folks like to give Stephen Jones credit for “reining in Jerry” by not letting Jerry draft Johnny Manziel, and while that is certainly commendable, it doesn’t make him Ozzie Smith, John Dorsey or Ron Wolf.
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