Coates is doing a great job writing the very white Steve Rogers right now in the comics, so I can see him doing a great work on the classic Clark Kent.

Feb 22

I still regularly listen to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack. It is so amazing.

Feb 22

Time for me once again to complain to my friends (who absolutely do not care) about how I feel Daft Punk should have had an Oscar nomination for Tron: Legacy. In this essay, I will

Feb 19

D’arcy knows WAY too much about the private details of Infinity War and other movies, and the only way she could is if sometime during the five years Thor drunkenly showed up at her place and told her EVERYTHING and that’s my headcanon now.

Feb 18

Jeez louise, this movie is just going for it! Choreographed fight scenes, gory violence, full-on lore dumps, throwing in a ton of random characters, catch phrases; I am impressed by the chutzpah. 

Feb 12

The other nice vision moment this episode was Darcy thinking he’s saying “help me,” then us realizing that - despite the personal pain - he’s actually trying to say help them (the townspeople)

Feb 12

It's interesting how this week's commercial implies that the people on the outskirts of town are wasting away towards death. Just as the kid stranded on the island can't open the yogurt and starves to death, the inactive people can't feed or care for themselves and are slowly dying.

Feb 6

For many people (I’d say at least about 74 million), there’s 12 of them.

Feb 1

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is a pretty flawless movie, and is arguably still the finest film the Marvel Cinematic Universe has brought. Read more

Nov 19

“I lived them, it wasn’t so bad” - probably because you’re the exact type of person Reagan and his administration liked - a white, straight, neurotypical , middle class American man. I know it’s the big scary no-no word these days, but y’know what that’s called? Privilege. It’s best you start recognizing you lived a Read more

Jun 9

I continue to be impressed with the person that Daniel grew into, both as an adventurous actor and just a general good human being. 

Apr 13

I love Dune but I hope this movie does better at distancing Baron Harkonens homosexuality from his evilness. Herbert’s treatment of his late son Bruce pretty much galvanized his intent to view homosexuality as inheritly evil.

Feb 2 2018

In Starfighters of Adumar they also refer to 2D cameras as flatcams. And we can’t forget how the late great Aaron Allston turned the convention of calling bathrooms “refreshers” into one of the best puns in the book series: Read more