more Róisín than Man
4:46 PM

I feel like we all knew Operation Dumbo Drop’s folks would turn on the Trumps sooner or later; QAnon’s whole base premise is that Trump cares about something.

5:04 PM

I started reading Deadspin despite zero knowledge of sports based 100% off your writing, Drew, and since then it’s been 7 years of “no matter how lousy my day was, the new Williams-Sonoma catalogue review is up!” And finding the old “you’re with me, Leather” story, and all the crazy nonsense from KSK (yes, I became a Read more

9:46 AM

The fucking red cord just lying on top of things not connected to ANYTHING drives me nuts every time I see that picture. Just lying there. A 2 foot CAT5. Like would be used to connect the speakerphone. So they could hear, say, whimpering. They don’t do details well, these eejits.

3:29 PM

Hi, I’m from Toronto and I desperately want Andy Byford back! I saw the 60 Minutes episode about what he had to deal with in NYC and have been dying to hear how it’s going - the one switchboard that’s manually operated and almost 100 years old (iirc)? CRAZY. 

12:00 PM

I feel like I must use the elliptical incorrectly since there’s such a huge chasm between how it feels when I use it and everything I read and hear about it. That machine is for people who had their knees replaced with pure titanium electrically-assisted piston machines designed for nuclear plant use. I do 4 cycles on Read more

12:23 PM

mm yes but for me, the best is the giant framed version of that horrible photo of them from instagram overseeing the cluster of water bottles

3:13 PM

right on! i loved this song when i was twenty and just moved to the big city to start my life. so many good memories of not being beaten this far down.

5:39 PM

? Yeah that’s what I meant by “I want to try the Impossible Burger, I want to try the heme!” I’ve had the Beyond Meat burger many times, since it’s the only thing I’ve been able to find here in Canada.

9:48 AM

I really want to try the Impossible Burger but it seems like Canada has gone all-in with the Beyond Meat stuff and we won’t be getting it here. I wanted to try the heme! The BM burger is fine (i’ve only had the A&W version) but the only place i’ve seen the Impossible stuff is at Fortino’s and for 11.99 for two Read more

3:12 PM

Wow, super fresh & compelling take - how totally lame and uncool it is for an adult woman anything but clean up and take care of other people? Groundbreaking shit.
Read more

9:16 AM

think of it as the Silmarillion of Gilead - it’s a complement to THT but I don’t know if it would stand on its own as a novel. i really enjoyed it - I mean, it’s Atwood! even if they’re ChickieNobs they’re still Atwood-made ChickieNobs.