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4:15 PM

I can’t believe you missed out on the w o r s t excuse on his list: “It wasn’t me because she said I was sweaty and I have/had a disease that prevents me from sweating at all” (paraphrasing here, the actual clip is even worse).

10:58 AM

Definitely a great option. We talk about them in our original article about juice jacking. I didn’t include here because I think your average user isn’t going to 1) remember to bring two different cables to the airport 2) always pick the correct one of the two cables to use when they do.

9:45 PM

What on earth are you doing with your phone that is using up that much energy is the more interesting question

9:08 PM

I was looking specifically at battery life when I got my last phone. Luckily I was looking just when the Motorola G7 Power had been released - 5000 mAh battery plus slightly lower resolution screen than is typical for a phone that size means I’m guaranteed three days, and often hit four before needing to charge. With Read more

10:23 PM

Hi. I’m RootWyrm. I do this stuff for a living. No, not government contracts. Oh god no. If that were the case, I would have killed myself years ago. Read more

7:30 PM

1. Fuck Tulsi Gabbard and Tom Steyer. This needs to be the last debate in which a conspiracy troll and a guy who thinks he can buy his way into a nomination are allowed on the debate stage. Gabbard needs to go away forever and Steyer needs to spend his billions GOTV for democrats up and down the ticket. Read more

11:27 AM

FUCK billionaires, FUCK millionaires, and FUCK the whiners. Their tears are why Warren needs to win. We’ve experienced the downfall of the middle class and the further poverty forced on the the working class due to the coddling of Wall Street. Wall Street produces NOTHING. Wall Street continues to gorge at the troughs Read more

11:24 AM

Frankly, I think scaring the piss out of multi-billionaires should be a fucking prerequisite for office.

11:16 AM

Why are these people so greedy? Even if they were all taxed down to a measly one billion dollars (which they aren’t) are they so out of touch with how much money a billion dollars is? Would their lives change at all if they “only” had one billion? Their attitude is the kind of thing that spurs revolutions. 

11:10 AM

Gotta say — the nastier billionaires get about Warren, the more excited I am to vote for her. She seems to be the only candidate who the extremely rich think will significantly impact their lifestyle, and that to me is a big point in her favor.

9:29 AM

Can we all agree, just, like, collectively, that video game streamers are *usually* garbage people? 

7:32 PM

Also worth noting: the woman in this situation was pregnant.

Whatever the problems between the adult partners (and, again, he should’ve called the police if she was throwing things at him—and he should’ve acted to get their two present children out of harm’s way), the unborn child neither instigated nor deserved the Read more

7:25 PM

Funny how you’re justifying domestic violence with “she started it.”

If she was throwing heavy/potentially damaging objects at him, then he should’ve called the police and gotten his children out of there. Reacting to someone chucking shit (assuming she was) with violence only escalates the situation.

Or did your Read more

1:46 PM

Dude, he was dry humping people and sticking his fingers places they didn't belong. Unless you think these women were flat out lying, this definitely isn't a case of people being overly sensitive. You shouldn't be making full body contact or touching someone's tail bone or penetrating anyone to teach yoga unless Read more

10:50 AM

The link for how to use your self cleaning function to save a cast iron pan just takes you back to this page.