More Róisín Than Man

It only matters when a disingenuous reply can ignore Trump’s 17 different accusers of sexual assault and harassments while attacking Harris and Biden on an article about Bill f’kin Cosby. Read more

Aug 11

Okay, so can we get a promise from Jezebel not to tank her and Biden both with the “Kamala is a cop” stuff?! Lots riding on this ticket, folks.

Aug 11

Judging by her next sentence, I thought she was talking specifically about big-cat ownership?

Aug 7

I think you’re really reaching. All I got was that the writer was pointing out how incredibly busy she is these days, and defending her as a new podcaster, and nothing of a negative nature even entered my mind until I saw your post. Michelle Obama is universally beloved around these parts and your comment really came Read more

Aug 6

Oh please, for the love all that is good and right, let the NRA die. I know that one doesn’t normally symbolically bury an organization in a cemetery, but so help me, it this is the end of them, I will go and buy a nice gravestone myself. Really nice and classy. Marble maybe. Read more

Aug 6

This is the only article from G/O Media about the deadly explosion in Beirut yesterday: Read more

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Aug 4

If he wants to take it to the next level, I can help him find some hemlock.

Aug 4

And there was this gem of an exchange when Swan challenged tRump’s assertion that he’s done more for the Blacks than any other president: Read more

Aug 3

Dude has 30 kids and 2000 cows and still has time to mine for Tanzanite. Meanwhile I put off doing the laundry until I run out of shirts, and not even then sometimes.

Aug 3

Tanzanite is one of the biggest scams in the jewelry world. I sold the stone exclusively in a store and that was the story we were given about it too, but at the time, we were told there was only about three to five years supply left. Read more

Aug 1

I was hoping we’d get to see her cut off her left arm for the role.