23 min ago

“He’s talking about a systemic issue that is changing the medium. We’re not saturated by one “type” of movie. Instead it’s a mentality affecting how the industry fundamentally works. Read more

29 min ago

Depends how long ago it was. I’d say it mostly came together when the story content was done, but later updates fleshed out the endgame, colony mechanics etc.

2 hrs ago

You’re missing my point. What I’m saying is, “we’re over-saturated with a certain kind of film” is a far less controversial (to be charitable) take than “that kind of film isn’t cinema”. Read more

1:59 PM

But filmmaking was always inherently collaborative. It’s not like Scorsese is filming a one-man show in his garage, nor are franchise films written and acted entirely by producers. Read more

9:28 AM

Anything can be art. Not everything can be good art though :P

9:20 AM

“The BBC have also released a new trailer for their darker, sexier take on A Christmas Carol. Read more

8:57 AM

While I sympathise with his broader point about blockbusters crowding out more idiosyncratic works, he really undermined himself with his gatekeeping approach to what constitutes “cinema”. Read more

8:28 AM

Looks better than the last trailer. I was worried it’d just be a trashy parade of jump scares, but it seems more substantial now (though it’s still leaning heavily on those sharp audio cues...)

8:04 AM

This is why we keep getting pseudo-reboots. We should be smarter than this.

4:58 AM

I’ve been coasting pretty well on “before it was out I was already sick of it

4:56 AM

I wanted to give the remake a chance because, good as the original was, it had plenty of unrealised potential. Ah well.

4:53 AM

That’s what they did with the original, which had half its setpieces removed because they scared test audiences.

4:51 AM

This is the internet, where everything must be the best thing ever, or the worst.