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Its in my initial response. She undoubtedly sees herself as “Honorary White”. Plenty of non-whites desire to be accepted by Whites or be seen as White in society via proximity to whiteness. Read more

JFC. Her son was killed by a drunk driver, but rather than blame drunk-driving she blames illegal immigrants...

This girl looks like she is even more racist than those two tweets say. Everyone can sense it goes far beyond those already inacceptable words. Read more

What frustrates me even more is that even someone were to tell the good miss Zhu here that Golden Retrievers are the most common breed involved in dog attacks, she would probably pretty fast understand that it isn’t because they are a particularly dangerous breed, but because they are the most common dog breed. Which Read more

A combination of feeling “outside” the race wars and trying to charm the enemy, maybe?

A white member of my family was murdered by a white woman (further to the point of your final paragraph, said white woman was a friend to whom that family member had given a ton of cash for “safekeeping” I LOVE getting to trot that one out when some conservative asshole tries to invent a “my sister was Read more

Most women are killed by men. Most men are killed by men. Why don’t we start there?

Aside from the racist assumption that “so many” Asian Americans are proud boys and white supremacists...they’re not into white supremacy, they’re into their own supremacy. A rare few hate themselves enough to wish they were white, but the majority of prejudiced Asians are just superior about their own race.

Digging one out of the #neverforget pile, but do y’all remember when Trump re-tweeted that super racist (and completely incorrect) stat that most white people are killed by black people?  

Because of the “model minority” stereotype, but delusional people won’t care that they’re being used.

Why are so many Asian Americans into white supremacy? The Proud Boys also boast a lot of Asian membership.

Ugh. She’s at senior pageant level, and still fucking up like she’s in the teen pageant leagues. It makes me long for the halcyon days of Miss Teen South Carolina and Miss Utah. Clearly, this is a problem with our educational system, like, such as...

I commented earlier about something similar. I was teaching BLM to my mainly Hispanic 9th-10th grade English class. Someone read an article which said that the cops kill more whites than blacks. All hell broke loose.
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I actually had a guy look like a light turned on in his brain when I told him to think about what percentage of the US population was black when he quoted some figure on how many times more white people are killed by police. (I forget the exact figures, but obviously black people are over-represented among Americans Read more

I have to wonder how the conservatives supporting Zhu would have reacted if a liberal, atheist student had posted a similar tweet about, say, someone from a Conservative Mennonite outreach asking her if she wanted to try on a head covering.

Yeah, and how many black people are there in the US? 50 million? How many cops are there?
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People who believe these tropes simply do not care about logic and/or facts. You can’t reason with or convince them because you’re essentially not speaking the same language.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around that proud recognition that black people kill more black people than the police do as I don’t even know what the point there is supposed to be. Especially considering that it is comparing a group of people to a profession that is supposed to be protecting the community. There’s Read more