Mrs. Rocksteady
8:06 AM

I am a black American in Stockholm. I personally do not feel this issue is a huge deal. I know plenty of footie fans that have been thrown in county here. This case has been blown out of proportion and the prosecutor is setting an example because he does not seem to like famous people. But I am no expert.

3:50 AM

I went to school with LaTasha. I had the same store owner threaten me. My parents wouldn’t allow me in the store after that. The store was one of the first places burned down during the LA riots. They deserved it. I’m still pissed that old lady got off so easy. 

2:58 AM

I collect Sergio Tacchini track jackets. People love them here in Europe.

5:06 PM

As a black american who lives in Stockholm I am going to chime in. Swedes know the exact connotations behind this word and the hate is represents. This is not an instance to be excused. Racism is racism everywhere. While I have never in my 39 years been called a nigger to my face in the US, it was uttered to me in Read more

2:35 PM

I am friends with Adam’s Mother, she is a classy lady and raised a classy man.

11:48 PM

I work remotely for a US based company, which means a very high salary comparable to the usual here, but also very high taxes I am responsible for. I work in healthcare IT. Read more

11:06 AM

Move to Stockholm and be besties with me. Seriously there are WAYYYY more black people here than I had imagined before I moved and Swedes love black Americans (my west African friends are loved as well). I get to exist here and not have to fear the police or my daughter being discriminated against. I do not think I Read more

4:01 PM

Lo, and behold I saw 4 ginger children at my kids dagis (daycare) today and they are definitely Swedish. My kid is half black American and half Swedish and she has dirty blonde hair and dark eyes (I thought my genes would dominate more but she is a tanned version of her Dad). The Dark haired ethnical Swedes come from Read more

6:13 PM

I have seen older women dress like this. I am still shocked by the lack of gingers I see here in Stockholm.

5:53 PM

He was engaged to a high school classmate of mine. He really has a thing for thin blondes and buttsex from what I have been told.

1:53 PM

Hey, fellow American in Sweden here and I see a psych in Sundbyberg regularly that speaks fluent Swedish, English and Russian. Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

3:01 PM

There has been a influx the last few years of families from Eritrea. They are given refugee status when they choose not to be drafted for their military. This stops citizens from active war-zones from getting refugee status. The system is currently screwed with no viable solution in sight.