Kevin Mai - Reikaze
2:15 AM

I’m tired and never have any time for anything now so this’ll be short. I’ll be missing a lot of people but I still love everyone here in this community - AniTAY is my home and I couldn’t be prouder. Read more

10:47 PM

Most members in the community didn’t like Dr.Stone. I only read the manga so I don’t know how the anime is, but yeah, i totally get where you’re coming from. Read more

7:03 PM

The notch is probably just there to hold it better in charging docks. People have tested it with disassembled docks and video out doesn’t work, It’s been speculated that nintendo used the dp alternative mode within the type c spec to get the video out for console mode, so nintendo probably didn’t put in the hardware Read more

2:14 PM

Back when I originally watched haruhi, I wasn’t super into LNs so I never bothered, but I’ve been in an LN kick lately so I’ve been planning to give em a shot. Just rewatched all of S1 and S2, just need to watch the Disapearence.

11:46 AM

Even scrolling to the bottom of this article is an adventure. You guys have really outdone yourselves this year and I'm not sure that's a good thing.

8:55 PM

You’ve completely missed why everyone’s losing their minds about Zen2. Sure, we’re excited bout 12 and 16 cores coming to mainstream, but really everyone’s excited because AMD caught up with intel in single threaded performance. That means my cheap R5 3600X will perform like an expensive i7 9700k, my R7 3700X will Read more