Kevin Mai - Reikaze
Jun 25

I’m not in an Arab country so don’t take my word as truth, but I’d guess it’s the same they do to most international markets: it’s just the English name, and that’s it. Sometimes Japan gets a transliterated katakana at the bottom. Very few games get actual translation titles. Even very protective markets towards their Read more

Jun 25

I was just about to reply to say the same thing. They are transliterated not translated. It's all English titles just written in the arabic alphabet. 

Jun 25

The titles are still in English but written in Arabic letters, like how the Japanese use katakana to write English names. If he had literally translated the titles, Doom would have been something like: الموت Read more

May 21

KIA never marketed the Stinger as a sports car. It’s a GT car, comfortable for long rides and powerful enough to be entertaining to drive.  I guess they didn’t tell all the automotive writers.

May 1

Yeah, it honestly takes a lot of time to really master the language. You need more than an intermediate level if you want to watch anime/read light novels with a 90% comprehension rate, and it honestly is too much work to be worth it unless you are really passionate about it. Read more

Apr 15

god damn who do we have to plead to at Nintendo to just patch in the ability for each account on the Switch to have their own island? Read more

Apr 14

Yeah, I wasn’t doing that.. Nintendo won. I bought my daughter her own Switch Lite and a copy of the game. Happy early Birthday, you’re not living with me. She’s 11 and played New Leaf and knows better, but hell, I don’t even want my husband living on my island, much less my kid. 🤣 Good point is we can still play Read more

Nov 2 2015

Great article. Riveted from start to end. I have little interest in Japanese RPGs, but I wanna go out and buy this game just to support these poor guys. Read more